MON Jan 22, 2024

Winter 2023-24 Product Updates

by Hashir Siddiqui

The Aviso team has dedicated the past quarter to enhancing our revenue platform, introducing several key updates to improve productivity and efficiency. We're excited to present these new features, including 'Ask MIKI Anything' for instant call insights, an improved Ideal Customer Profile scoring system, a revamped mobile app for on-the-go selling and forecasting, Account Insights for relevant news access, self-serve admin settings for Conversation Intelligence (CI), and the Contact Auto-population feature for enriched account relationships. 

Explore these updates and see how they can uplevel your revenue teams and processes.

1. Instant Call Insights with 'Ask MIKI Anything'

What is it, and how does it help?

We have introduced a new capability to our Conversation Intelligence solution: the Ask MIKI Anything feature. The NLP/GenAI layer (MIKI) enables reps and managers to ask queries about any of their sales conversations (call/email/online meetings) in natural language, and MIKI provides contextual and accurate responses by fetching customer data from Aviso's knowledge bases, external data sources and utilizes advanced algorithms for effective dialogue management. Overall, helping you improve customer engagement and sales strategies.

With the NLP-based CI, sales teams can prepare for calls by analyzing historical data to anticipate customer objections, access insights from earnings calls, and identify potential cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Additionally, it provides AI-driven recommendations for the next best actions tailored to each sales interaction. Managers benefit from MIKI's ability to offer strategic insights on call performance, including detailed analytics and emotional sentiment analysis. One of the key advancements is its automated CRM data entry, which streamlines information management, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time. 

Where to find it:

Collaboration Workspace > Recordings > Smart transcript of a deal > Ask MIKI Anything.

2. Precise Targeting of Ideal Customer Profiles

What is it, and how does it help?

Aviso's Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) scoring system is a feature that allows the construction of detailed customer profiles and identifies pursuit-worthy deals. It enhances traditional sales methodologies by combining dynamic ICP criteria with additional qualitative aspects to more accurately assess an account's potential value for inclusion in the sales pipeline. The system enables sales representatives to quantitatively compare and match accounts with the predefined ICP, ensuring a more focused and relevant targeting process. 

Aviso's ICP score provides detailed insights into each account through an interactive icon. Accessing this icon reveals critical account-specific information such as recent discussions on pricing and negotiation, changes in engagement with key decision-makers, frequency of mentions of competitors, and a comparison of support ticket volumes against an average. This feature is designed to provide a deeper understanding of each account, aiding in identifying and prioritizing potential customers.

Where to find it:

Accounts > ICP > ICP Score

3. Revamped Mobile App To Improve Selling And Forecasting On-The-Go

We have rolled out significant updates to its mobile app, providing sales reps and managers with enhanced functionalities to boost productivity and streamline sales activities. Key updates include:

Communication Management

  • Email Tracking: Real-time nudge notifications with a dedicated tracking page for email opens and attachments.
  • Enhanced Email Functionality: Reply to emails with file attachment capabilities (JPGs, PDFs, PNGs).
  • Direct Communication from Contacts: Make phone calls and send SMS directly from the Contacts module.

User Experience and Accessibility

  • Improved Dashboard: Enhanced "Segments" option for easier access.
  • Smart Maps: Visualize nearby contacts and deal with tap access and directions.
  • Yelp Integration: Restaurant suggestions for in-person meetings.
  • Recent and Favorite Contacts: Easier access in the Contacts module.
  • Phone Contacts Integration: Display phone contacts in the app as potential prospects.

Deals and Contact Management

  • Contact 360: Comprehensive view of contacts with detailed information.
  • Configurable Deals Grouping: Group deals by custom criteria, with a default "Owner" grouping.
  • Associated Contacts in Deals: View related contacts in specific deals.


  • Follow-ups on Mobile: Create tasks, add notes, and log calls post-emailing or phone calls.
  • Sync to Salesforce: New button to sync events (including meeting setups and deletions) to Aviso and Salesforce.
  • Task Creation Enhancements: Auto-select task subjects with an option to edit.

These updates enhance the Aviso mobile app's usability, providing sales teams with more efficient and practical solutions to manage their sales activities and client interactions.

4. Instant Access to Relevant News with Account Insights

What is it, and how does it help?

Aviso users can stay connected to the latest, pertinent news surrounding customers, partners, competitors, and industries that matter to their business. The News Feed module is now enabled under the Deals section with a comprehensive collection of articles from the past 30 days for a particular account.

Account news curation in an organization is tailored based on hierarchy. For sales representatives and those at leaf nodes, the news is curated based on open deals or, in their absence, won opportunities, using account domains to source relevant web news. Managers receive news focused on top deals that make up 80% of the pipeline by amount. This approach ensures that all levels, from representatives to managers, receive news relevant to their specific deals and roles.

The news feed currently offers the capability to categorize updates based on pertinent criteria, including (but not limited to) the company's financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, hiring activities, and more.

Where to find it:

Open Deals Grid > Select Deal > Details > News Feed 

5. Self-Serve Admin Settings for Conversation Intelligence

What is it, and how does it help?

The self-serve admin settings page for Aviso's Conversation Intelligence product allows administrators to manage and configure keywords for more accurate conversation analysis, a notification management system for tailored alert handling, and the configuration of topics used in conversation analysis. 

Additionally, it offers control over recording preferences, ensuring fine-tuning of recording-related features and the development of consent settings to manage user consent and data privacy. The admin panel also allows for real-time coaching settings adjustments, improving the mapping of trackers and responses to different deal stages. 

The panel features a user-friendly interface for keyword management, customizable notifications, topic management, and user consent management. 

These functionalities empower sales teams by improving the product's ability to extract valuable insights from conversations, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and providing a more efficient and targeted approach to sales communication.

Where to find it:

Aviso Dashboard > Admin 

6. Account Relationship Enrichment with Contact Auto-population

What is it, and how does it help?

Aviso's Contact Auto-population feature streamlines CRM management by automatically identifying, extracting, and updating executive and leadership buyer contacts. It scans users' emails and calendars, filling in blank contact fields in the CRM with data from email signatures and external sources. This feature is handy for users without access to calendars or emails, allowing them to populate contacts efficiently. 

Aviso tracks data from meetings, emails, calendars, CRM contacts, and external sources, offering an easy-to-use interface for updating contacts with a single click. It identifies potential contacts from various activities and suggests adding them to the CRM, reducing manual entry and enabling sales reps to focus more on business value. 

Aviso enriches CRM data by leveraging a contact database, mainly focusing on leadership or executive contacts related to opportunities or accounts, thus saving time and enhancing relationship management.

Where to find it:

Deals Grid > Select a deal > Click on the Relationships tab > Click on icon next to Contacts > Fill details > Update contact to CRM


Aviso's recent updates offer significant benefits to sales teams, including the "Ask MIKI Anything" feature for AI-powered customer interaction insights, self-serve admin settings for tailored conversation analysis, and a streamlined mobile app for efficient sales management on the go. The Contact Auto-population feature reduces manual CRM work, allowing sales reps to focus on building relationships, while the Ideal Customer Profile scoring system helps identify high-value accounts for targeted strategies. 

Collectively, these tools enhance sales efficiency, improve customer engagement, and increase the success rate of sales initiatives. Aviso remains committed to further innovating and evolving its platform, ensuring your sales operations stay nimble and at the forefront of industry advancements.

Stay tuned for similar updates.