FRI MAR 27 2020

Aviso's New Community of Advisors

by Amit Pande

We’re excited to announce that six of Silicon Valley’s most revered tech executives have joined Aviso as advisors and investors. Joining at a pivotal moment in our company’s growth trajectory, we’re looking forward to the expertise these individuals will infuse our decision making with. Our new community of advisors brings us knowledge across many technology areas that Aviso focuses on: advanced analytics, AI and automation, enterprise-grade security and collaboration, and certainly, industry disruption. These visionary executives, all of whom founded or held key leadership positions at category-defining tech giants and software conglomerates, are:
  • Scott McNealy: co-founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems
  • Subrah S Iyar: co-founder and former CEO of WebEx; former CSO at Cisco; and currently CEO at Moxtra
  • Bill Heil: former COO at WebEx and former SVP of operations at VMWare
  • Paul Chapman: former CIO at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and VP of Cloud Operations at VMWare; currently SVP and global CIO at Box
  • Shashi Upadhyay: founder and former CEO of Lattice Engines; currently SVP with Dun & Bradstreet
  • PD Singh: former head of Microsoft’s sales intelligence and enterprise AI products; currently head of AI products at UiPath
The new advisors, who collectively helped lay the foundation for the modern commercial internet, bring a wealth of industry expertise and deep experience in running disruptive, highly scalable tech businesses. As each has extensive knowledge in a different domain, they each bring their own unique ideas to the Aviso drawing board. We’re excited to see how each individual will help Aviso grow. Stay tuned on our blog for posts about each of our new advisors. In the meantime, read more here.