WED Jan 3, 2024

Selling and Winning in the Age of AI: Insights from Aviso AI's Webinar

by Bithika Bishesh

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where traditional sales tactics are constantly being challenged and redefined, understanding and harnessing the power of technology, particularly Generative AI, is more crucial than ever. This was the central theme of Aviso AI's recent webinar, "Selling and Winning in the Age of AI," held on December 13, 2023. 

Our panel of seasoned sales and product experts delved into how AI can be a game-changer, offering personalized multi-channel sequences and maximizing ROI on sales engagement through an integrated revenue platform.

The discussion was not just about presenting AI as a solution but also about dissecting its multifaceted impact on sales processes. We examined how AI is reshaping sales strategies, customer engagement, and overall productivity. The key takeaway? AI is not a one-size-fits-all tool but a versatile asset that, when used wisely, can transform sales methodologies.

Theme 1: New Bulk Email Mandates - Adapting to Change

Email remains a powerhouse in sales engagement, boasting an impressive ROI of $36 for every $1 spent (HubSpot). However, the landscape is shifting. With major players like Yahoo and Google revising spam rules and the rise of synthetically generated emails, the challenge for sales teams is evident. Our discussion underscored the potential of generative AI (GenAI) in enhancing email effectiveness and orchestrating multi-channel sales development strategies. The goal? To harness the latest technology for better results in this essential channel.

Theme 2: The Promise of GenAI for Sales Development Teams

GenAI's potential in sales and marketing is significant, as highlighted by research from Forester, Gartner, McKinsey, and Bain. This technology promises a shift from quantity to quality in sales approaches, targeting the right decision-makers with contextualized messaging. However, there's a gap between potential and current adoption. Surprisingly, sales functions have the lowest GenAI adoption rate compared to other business areas, with only 35% of sales executives utilizing it (HBR).

Barriers to GenAI Adoption

  • Accuracy Concerns: The biggest barrier to GenAI adoption in sales is the accuracy of its outputs. While GenAI excels at processing large text volumes and creating content like emails, it needs help with specifics, such as identifying which deals will likely convert.
  • Employee Resistance: Linked to accuracy issues, employee resistance emerges when outputs are perceived as unreliable.

Aviso AI's Approach to GenAI

At Aviso, we've taken a unique approach to integrating GenAI:

  • Core AI Models: We focus on context identification, actionable insights, and personalization.
  • Balancing Precision and Generative AI: Our platform combines traditional, non-generative AI for accuracy with GenAI for a human-like interface and experience.
  • In-House Large Language Models (LLMs): Our LLMs are hosted internally to ensure data security, preventing sensitive client data from being shared externally.

This dual approach ensures that our clients benefit from both the precision of traditional AI and the user-friendly aspects of GenAI without compromising data security.

Theme 3: Top Five Things to Consider in Generative AI Adoption and how Aviso is Addressing Them 

Aviso AI effectively tackles five key challenges in adopting Generative AI (GenAI). Our approach streamlines personalized messaging, ensures data privacy, utilizes robust AI models, integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, and broadens the scope of GenAI applications across the sales lifecycle. 

Below is a concise table summarizing these challenges and the innovative solutions provided by Aviso AI.

Theme 4: Revolutionizing Sales Engagement: Aviso AI's Gen AI-Powered Approach

At Aviso, we're at the forefront of the Gen AI transformation, reimagining sales engagement through a holistically integrated, Gen AI-powered approach. Here's a deep dive into how we're making this a reality for sales development teams.

A. Strategic Account Research with MIKI, the GenAI Assistant

Account research, a critical step in sales development, traditionally consumes significant time. Our solution, MIKI, a GenAI assistant built for revenue intelligence, revolutionizes this process. It integrates data from diverse sources, providing instant insights into accounts' strategic directions and industry trends. Key features include:

  • Earnings Call Analysis: Instantly glean insights from thousands of company calls.
  • Account News Feed: Aggregates recent and relevant news in one place.
  • Deal Context and ICP Identification: Quick access to deal-related information and accurate Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) identification based on Aviso's AI models.

B. Hyper-Personalized Messaging and Sales Cadences with MIKI and Email Assistant

Moving beyond traditional messaging, we focus on hyper-personalization at various levels – prospect, account, and industry. Our GenAI solutions enable SDRs to:

  • Create Personalized Sales Sequences: Tailor messages based on persona and industry insights.
  • Respond Contextually: Generate appropriate follow-ups based on activity intelligence.
  • Automate CRM Data Entry: Manage post-engagement tasks efficiently.

C. AI-Driven Real-Time Coaching for Perfect Sales Pitches

Our platform ensures SDRs are fully prepared for calls equipped with AI-recommended responses and dynamic scripts for real-time performance assessment. This enables:

  • Handling Prospect Objections: Access instant product knowledge and sales methodologies during calls.
  • Dynamic Scripting: Adapt pitches in real-time based on the flow of conversation.

D. Precise Prospect Qualification & SDR Assessment with Conversational Intelligence

Aviso's Conversational Intelligence (CI) tools bring precision to prospect qualification and SDR assessment. Key applications include:

  • Emotion and Sentiment Analysis: Determine true buyer intent.
  • Tailored Sales Pitches: Customize messaging based on buyer interests and concerns.
  • Actionable Next Steps: Ensure timely follow-ups to accelerate lead conversion.
  • Personalized Coaching Plans: Data-driven improvement strategies for SDRs.
  • Sales Methodology Tracking: Maintain adherence using keyword trackers and topic models.


The webinar "Selling and Winning in the Age of AI" highlighted the challenges and the immense opportunities AI presents in sales. As we move forward, it's clear that integrating AI intelligently and sensitively into sales processes will be key to unlocking these benefits.

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