FRI JUL 15 2022

Aviso AI Partners With VentureBeat For Transform 2022

by Bithika Bishesh

Aviso is sponsoring one of the biggest AI & Data events of the year — VentureBeat Transform 2022! Over the course of two weeks, attendees will have the opportunity to hear industry thought leaders discuss trending topics around AI and data.

We will be attending the in-person Executive Summit on July 19, San Francisco & we will also be hosting a panel discussion on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022, 9:50 AM PDT — ‘From Honeywell to startups: How leaders use AI to mitigate risk and drive predictable revenue’. It features Charles Forsgard, VP of Global Sales at Honeywell, Brian Young, former Chief Commercial Officer at Johnson Controls, and Lori Harmon, Global VP of Business Development at Cloudflare. Our panel experts have been at the cutting edge of applying artificial intelligence to drive growth and mitigate risk at some of the world’s largest businesses, ranging from recent start-ups to 114-year-old multinational conglomerate.

The Changing Dynamics of B2B Selling

With the pandemic lingering and an economic downturn looming, B2B selling has become more unpredictable than ever. Buyer priorities are changing, leading to a tectonic shift in demand throughout the global economy. Companies are dealing with three new headwinds: a rapidly evolving business environment, digitally savvy customers who buy differently, and out-of-control spending on CRM and other tools. This leads to more questions from buyers and delayed sales cycles in B2B and B2C. Relying on traditional CRM analytics and one-trick sales tools will only compound your risk and give you a false sense of security from Board to the street. This “new normal” is different. It’s not a Black Swan event like the pandemic. It is a Gray Rhino, and it is here now. 

Yet somehow, a few revenue leaders like Honeywell and Johnson Controls are not just surviving but thriving with a unified view across their revenue operations and AI-based guidance.

AI as a Revenue Compass

Boards, CEOs, and revenue leaders need to revisit and update their strategy and plan of action to prepare for potential future scenarios and drive growth. They need to conduct highly accurate revenue forecasting to drive the top line and sustain business models, including hiring plans, product enhancements, etc. 

Leaders should protect their revenue and grow with AI as their compass for all revenue work, from forecasting and coaching to customer collaboration. Sales and revenue leaders need to embrace new, advanced technologies and abandon CRM to remain successful. Emerging AI technologies can now augment many tasks that CRM tools perform, such as lead management, account planning, upsell and selling price recommendations, and customer segmentation. An AI-powered single pane of glass consisting of revenue operations and revenue intelligence capabilities provides all the information any GTM member needs in one go. With such information at their fingertips, they can make better decisions about allocating resources and closing more sales. It is quickly becoming the industry standard, and leaders who fail to adopt this technology will be left behind.

AI for Omnichannel Buying and Selling Experiences

As businesses strive to remain competitive in today’s challenging selling environment, AI for sales will continue to play a key role. It is helping companies tightly interlock buyer and seller journeys, navigate uncertainty, grow revenue faster, and align CROs, CFOs, and CIOs on reducing sales tool spending. 

The smartest revenue leaders are already leveraging the power of AI to drive growth and optimize costs despite the downturn. While reimagining a positive post-crisis future, revenue leaders are pioneering creative ways of tapping into and analyzing buyers' needs and intent. Tomorrow's leaders are reshaping their businesses' sales goals with a powerful mix of predictive analytics, virtual communication, and AI engines. This is due to the fact that they are aware of how important meaningful customer interactions and insights are for surviving and growing both now and in the future.

How Aviso AI is Empowering RevOps Leaders

The world's leading CROs and Chief Customer Officers do not want false security; they want the truth. They want the best AI sales and revenue technology to empower GTM teams, and optimize costs with their CFO and CIO. That's why leaders like Honeywell, Ivanti, NetApp, Armis, and DataStax have moved over to Aviso's AI platform over other tools. Aviso is helping them beat their revenue goals while mitigating risk and helping them be ready for the Gray Rhino environment and the next Black Swan. 

Aviso AI provides the most comprehensive set of tools and solutions that drive revenue intelligence across sales, marketing, and customer success teams and uncovers the hidden revenue opportunity from each customer. Aviso's ML and deep learning, its "time-series" architecture that can go back and forward several quarters, and its end-to-end revenue workflows optimize GTM teams around buyers and customers in today's digital environment. It does so by delivering 98%+ forecast accuracy and combining all the essential workflows for GTM — deal & pipeline intelligence, account planning, conversational and relationship intelligence, deal and customer collaboration, customer and marketing intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Be part of the next big thing! Tune in to Aviso’s panel discussion on Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022, 9:50 AM PDT to find out how AI for sales is helping industry leaders transform their sales and customer engagement culture, gain 98-99% forecast accuracy, and augment their go-to-market team members with guidance on each step of the journey. Get your in-person or #virtual pass soon and enjoy a 25% discount using the promo code SPEAKER: #VBTransform.