TUE MAY 31 2022

CRM Tools Will Become Ineffective Soon With The Power Of A Single Pane of Glass Revenue Operations And Intelligence

by Rahul Kumar

With the advent of remote working and virtual selling, customers are increasingly engaging with companies differently. As a result, businesses need to find new ways to connect with their customers, understand their buying intent and manage customer relationships.

Sales and marketing teams have long used CRM software to manage relationships with current and potential customers. However, recent technological advances will make CRM tools ineffective soon. Emerging AI technologies can now augment many tasks that CRM tools perform, such as lead management, account planning, upsell and selling price recommendations, and customer segmentation. As a result, many businesses are now turning to AI-based solutions to manage their customer relationships. So if you're still using CRM software, it's time to start thinking about switching to AI.

Why Is CRM Software Failing Sellers?

Are your sales teams struggling to keep up with the sales pipeline? Are they finding that the CRM tool isn't helping them sell as effectively as they would like? You're not alone. Many business leaders find that CRM tools don't meet their teams’ needs anymore.

Some of the reasons why CRM often fails sellers are:

  • Most CRMs are built for managers rather than sellers — They act as a system of record to track sales and the team’s performance, not intelligence that help sellers increase sales and revenue.
  • CRMs look at data backward, not forward — They measure and show lagging indicators, not leading indicators. This can lead to frustration for sales reps and reduced productivity and sales.
  • CRMs are ineffective at data aggregation, analysis, and insights — They create massive silos of data, leaving your sales team blind to deal movement, buyer-seller interactions, and course corrections that could've helped you hit the number you called.

Why Should You Switch To A Single Pane of Glass Platform?

A single pane of glass approach is about simplicity and power that brings data, workflows, insights, and intelligence into one workspace. It helps go-to-market teams predict sales forecasts accurately, manage sales pipeline, coach reps, drive customer retention and reduce churn. Following are some critical reasons why you should switch to a single pane of glass approach are:

  • Single, unified view of data: Think of a single pane of glass as a dashboard that gives your sales teams an overview of all the data they need to make decisions. It breaks data silos and helps them manage their time more efficiently. Most companies adopted some form of CRM system in the past, but today many are moving towards adopting a single pane of glass. This gives sales and revenue leaders a unified current view and forecast of the business and provides deal-level intelligence to other GTM members to efficiently collaborate and win more deals.
  • Buyer-seller interaction understanding and analysis: Sellers need to be able to evaluate their interactions with buyers. To have a successful deal, it is necessary to accurately understand the buyer's needs and how best to fulfill them. It’s also crucial to understand how to price your product to make a profit while still meeting the buyer's expectations. That’s why a single pane of glass becomes so important, as it is designed to give sales leaders a view of all the information (buyer interaction, forecasting data, customized pricing, etc.) they need to make decisions about selling their product successfully to buyers.
  • Multiple useful insights: A single pane of glass platform will provide you with the necessary insights you need to close deals faster, such as insights on buyer-seller meetings (interaction quality and frequency), sales reps’ development areas (customized coaching and deal-specific guidance), and deal movement (view all deals by either funnel stage or by sellers, and get a bird’s eye view of at-risk and upside deals). This approach of getting timely insights in a single place has many advantages. For example, it reduces the time spent on data entry and makes it easier for sales managers to monitor their team’s performance and forecast future revenue opportunities. Thus, a single pane of glass is a metaphor for a unified view of the customer, where all data points are integrated into one place with the help of AI, and it provides timely nudges to accelerate deals forward.

Aviso AI: A Single Pane Of Glass Revenue Platform

Think about your job as a sales leader. Imagine doing your job with multiple specialized tools for different needs, leading to siloed data and sales efforts. That's what sales leaders face every day in their role. But what if you had a single pane of glass through which you could view all the sales data and activity in your company? With such a tool, you'd quickly see how each sale progresses, identify areas of improvement, and spot potential problems before they become real issues. Thankfully, such a tool exists.

Aviso's AI-guided platform works as a single pane of glass for all sales, marketing, customer success, and other members of a GTM team. Aviso integrates multiple instances of one or multiple CRMs such as Salesforce or MS Dynamics into a single view for forecasting and deal-level intelligence, storing common datasets such as opportunity, accounts, user roles, and contacts.

Single Pane of Glass

Aviso ingests internal and external data and uses a deal-specific AI engine that continuously learns and improves predictions and insights and guides action across sales, marketing, customer success, product, and other functions. It also integrates with external agencies and partners to provide a single pane of glass across disparate systems that help increase sales productivity while quickly adapting to their different business models.

Aviso’s activity and relationship intelligence help your sales team get a single dashboard for all the relevant content to the role and sales goals of an individual. It allows you to focus on reps with key insights to drive better habits and coaching plans. It helps in understanding how engaged each contact is with your deal team and what is the relationship strength so that corrective action can be taken on time to avoid any deal slippage.

Aviso’s conversational intelligence (CI) accelerates your sales close cycle rate through virtual collaboration with NLP-based meeting transcripts, sentiment analysis, intent recognition, and contextual awareness to enrich insights gathered from your customer conversations. Aviso’s collaboration spaces help you track every meeting and help find all the call recordings linked to a deal in a single space for easy review. Aviso CI automatically provides your sales team with transcribed minutes of meetings, and the AI-based insights point out areas of concern through a post-call summary. Aviso uses text and speech analysis and sentiment analysis to provide insights into what works best for communication.


Are you ready for the future of sales? Sales and revenue leaders need to embrace new, advanced technologies and abandon CRM to remain successful. A single pane of glass revenue operations and intelligence tool provides all the information any GTM member needs in one go. With such information at their fingertips, they can make better decisions about allocating resources and closing more sales. It is quickly becoming the industry standard, and leaders who fail to adopt this technology will be left behind.

Learn more about Aviso’s single pane of glass platform, or contact us today to see how we can help you and your team drive more sales.