MON Feb 12, 2024

Aviso Mobile: Your Travel Companion for Forecasting and Selling On-the-Go

by Hashir Siddiqui

Aviso's mobile app, trusted by industry leaders like Honeywell, enhances sales reps' efficiency with remote platform access. 

Key features encompass a dynamic, interactive dashboard providing a comprehensive view of business operations, AI-powered insights to optimize deal outcomes, flexible mobile forecasting for enhanced market adaptability, advanced conversation intelligence for in-depth call analysis from face-to-face meetings, collaborative digital sales rooms to facilitate stakeholder engagement, and easily accessible, detailed analytics reports for informed decision-making.

This all-in-one tool empowers sales teams to stay productive and informed, regardless of location.

The mobile app has been upgraded to suit the requirements of a hybrid selling model — in-person and virtual meetings.

What’s New?

The new Aviso Mobile app builds on the foundational features and introduces new functionalities for key areas such as -

  1. Communication Management - Enhanced email engagement monitoring and simplified in-app communication with tracking and direct reply features.
  2. Contact and Deals Management - Comprehensive contact insights and customizable deal organization for improved sales strategy and management.
  3. User Experience and Accessibility - Efficient deal prioritization and meeting planning with improved dashboard features and smart mapping.
  4. Productivity Enhancement - Streamlined post-communication follow-ups, event synchronization, and task creation for enhanced sales productivity

Read on for a deeper dive into the new updates on Aviso Mobile App.

Communication Management

Email Tracking: The Aviso app's Email Tracking feature provides real-time nudge notifications and a dedicated tracking page, accessible under the bell icon, showing details like email opens and attachments. This feature enables sales reps to monitor client engagement with sent emails actively, offering valuable insights into client interest and timing follow-ups more effectively, thereby enhancing the chances of successful client interactions and deal closures. 

Quick Reply and Attachments: Sales reps can directly reply to emails from within the app and attach files like JPGs, PDFs, and PNGs. This eliminates the effort to switch to your email app.

Contact and Deals Management

Contact 360: The Contact 360 feature provides a comprehensive view of contacts, including notes, call logs, tasks, events, emails, and associated deals, enhancing understanding of client interactions for targeted sales strategies. Sales reps can make calls and send SMS directly from the Contacts module, facilitating quick and efficient client communication. 

The feature also includes viewing associated contacts in deals, aiding in identifying key stakeholders for better deal management. Additionally, it offers easy access to recent and favorite contacts for faster communication. It integrates your mobile phone contacts as potential leads for Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), expanding the prospect pool. These combined features within Contact 360 significantly improve client relationship management.

Configurable Deals Grouping: Now, deals can be grouped by custom criteria, with a default grouping by "Owner." This flexibility in organizing deals aligns with the sales team's unique workflow and preferences, enabling better tracking, prioritization, and management of deals, ultimately contributing to improved sales performance.

User Experience and Accessibility

Improved Dashboard: Sales reps can use the "Segments" filter to quickly focus on key segments, enhancing their ability to prioritize and manage deals efficiently, leading to more strategic and focused sales efforts. 

Smartmaps: Reps can visualize nearby contacts and deals within a certain radius, offering tap access to more information and directions to reach events or contacts.

Additionally, the Yelp Integration provides restaurant suggestions for in-person meetings, aiding sales reps in selecting appropriate and convenient locations for client interactions. It assists in the efficient planning of sales routes and meetings, saving time and resources and enabling sales reps to optimize their schedules and client interactions.

Productivity Enhancement

Follow-ups on Mobile: This feature allows users to create tasks, add notes, and log calls immediately after emailing or phone calls directly within the app. This streamlines follow-up activities, ensuring that essential actions and information are captured promptly and accurately, leading to more efficient and effective client communication and task management.

Sync to Salesforce: With the Sync to Salesforce feature, a new button allows users to synchronize Google Calendar events to Aviso and Salesforce servers. This synchronization keeps all sales activities and schedules aligned across essential platforms, ensuring comprehensive tracking alignment and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts or missed opportunities.

Task Creation: This includes auto-selecting the subject from a predefined list during task creation, with the option to edit. This streamlines the task creation process, saving time and aiding in consistent task categorization, improving overall task management and organization.


The updated Aviso mobile app revolutionizes hybrid selling by bridging the gap between digital and in-person sales interactions. The app's advanced features enable sales teams to adapt to the modern selling landscape where flexibility, efficiency, and real-time insights are key. 

Sales professionals can engage with clients more effectively, whether remotely or face-to-face, by leveraging real-time data, streamlined communication tools, and strategic planning capabilities. This transformation fosters a more responsive and adaptive approach to sales, allowing teams to capitalize on opportunities swiftly and build stronger, more personalized client relationships. 

Our mobile app will soon become even better with Generative AI capabilities. This upgrade will empower sales representatives to obtain instant insights from earnings calls, craft personalized emails, receive comprehensive answers to all deal and forecast inquiries, and update CRM systems effortlessly through intuitive natural language processing (NLP) commands.

Aviso users can access the mobile app on the Apple Store and Play Store.

Contact our product expert today to learn more about the Aviso Mobile.