FRI MAY 05 2023

B2B Sales Mobility Reimagined with Aviso AI

by Avinash Kothakota

The world of Sales teams and Revenue Operations (RevOps) is constantly evolving. Technology has significantly driven that change, especially in recent years as Sales transitioned to virtual and hybrid selling models. 

Mobile technology has been a critical driver of this change, with sales mobile apps acting as a valuable companions for salespeople over the past few decades, from acting as a Rolodex to store contacts, to a primary communication device to manage calls, to being a digital companion for video calls, CRM updates, and more. Research shows that 65% of B2B sales reps on CRM or related technologies that use mobile/s reach their sales target. Only 22% of non-mobile CRM reps do the same. 

This statistic makes perfect sense since "sales" is the most dynamic function in a business and are constantly on the move. According to Salesforce Research, B2B sales reps can spend up to 75% of their time on non-selling activities and administrative work. 

At Aviso, we believe technology should work around sales workflows, not the other way around. It should let them do more while they’re on the go. It’s with the same conviction that we’ve developed our Aviso mobile app in the past, which enabled salespeople to:

- update their forecasts on the go

- check their pacing against the targets

- know what’s driving their deals

- gain a quick overview of their portfolio

Since the pandemic, B2B Sales have changed dramatically from virtual to hybrid in-person selling. Working with our customers, we identified new opportunities to help B2B Sales teams and added many new features that help teams do more with less, especially while moving. The new and improved Aviso AI mobile app is designed to transform how enterprise sales teams manage their revenue by integrating all the essential workflows sales reps and team members need on the go, all through an intuitive mobile experience.

So, no more wordplay. Let’s dive into the insightful and seamless Aviso Mobile app experience. 

1. Be an Active Listener. Not a Notetaker

Today, a new sales approach is evolving where initial meetings happen online. More business-critical discussions happen offline as the world shifts back from 100% virtual selling to a more hybrid approach. Today's conversational intelligence platforms (e.g., Gong, Zoominfo Chorus, Zoom IQ) can only capture insights from online meetings. Then, what about the insights from offline meetings? Does this mean sales reps are left to keep taking notes to ensure they don’t miss out on valuable information? 

This is not acceptable. We should create technologies to help sales reps focus on listening to their prospects and build compelling conversations and leave the conversation insights part to technology. With Aviso’s AI-powered In-person meetings feature, they can pull up their phone, get consent from the prospect, record the conversation, and save it. We’ll give you the best-in-class conversation insights from the recording so that you can plan your next steps appropriately and work towards winning more deals. This feature also lets reps: 

- get consent easily and always stay compliant

- tag every recording to the corresponding deal so it’s never lost

- share the meeting easily with your manager for context

- download the recording to listen to it later for self-review

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2. Ace Every Meeting With Timely Alerts and Handy Deal Insights

Preparing for meetings with laptops is challenging for someone always on the go. Other problems such as a low battery, battery dead, and laptop heating make it much more challenging to prepare for meetings. This results in sales reps needing to prepare for the meetings, significantly affecting their win rates. 

Aviso Mobile’s Pre-meeting nudges are designed to cater to this very problem of B2B sales reps. With Pre-meeting nudges, sales reps can get a bird's-eye view of deal details and get in the zone for the meeting. It’s not just that; they can also deep dive into the details by looking at Aviso WinScore's explanation of the deal to understand what’s driving it. They can further look at AI-based insights and recent activities to plan a compelling talk track so that you look perfectly prepared for the meeting. 

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3. Email Without Switching Apps

Most CRMs have native mailbox integrations, true or false? That is partly true, as most CRMs require users to log into their web applications to send emails. CRMs often need to be faster in understanding the needs of salespeople and building necessary capabilities in their mobile applications. 

Aviso wants to help B2B sales reps make the emailing experience seamless. Aviso’s mailbox natively integrates with the CRM enabling its users to email their CRM contacts from Aviso itself. With all the deal-related data and insights available within Aviso, it’s easier for sales reps to build a contextual email and send it without switching between apps. We at Aviso always go above and beyond to solve our customers’ problems; even in this case, we ensure that users can log their emails to CRM with just one click and maintain healthy deal hygiene in CRM.

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4. Sync Contacts Seamlessly to CRM

As mentioned above, CRMs focus more on their web applications, forcing users to manage their prospect contacts and calls from web CRM. Syncing contacts between mobile and CRM can become a nightmare, especially when there's a need for more time. Even after calling, users might need to return to the CRM to create tasks or events to plan the next steps. 

Aviso’s contact module is built to give a seamless experience to its users, who can create/delete/update contacts in the Aviso Mobile app and sync them to CRM immediately. To take it a notch up, we developed a post-meeting activities option where the user can create tasks or events to plan reminder calls, set up meetings, etc. This way, users can have a free-flowing experience running their sales operations. 

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5. Get 360° Awareness of Your Deals

Keep a pulse across your deals and account portfolio with Aviso’s Notification Center and get a true sense of all the critical deal updates and meetings. This helps the reps act on the right tasks at the right time before it’s too late. Sales reps can also customize their Notification Center to suit their needs giving them the power to be updated only on what they want.  

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Overall, the key takeaway is that mobile technology will play an increasingly important role in the world of B2B sales. Organizations that embrace this shift and invest in the right tools and platforms will be well-positioned to drive revenue growth and stay ahead of the competition. Aviso AI's mobile app is an excellent example of how this can be achieved, and we can expect to see more exciting developments in the years to come. With the Aviso Mobile app at their disposal, B2B sales teams can streamline their operations and drive sales growth for their organizations. 

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