TUE DEC 28 2021

Aviso AI 2021 Product Summary And Updates

by Trevor Rodrigues-Templar

As we wrap up 2021, Team Aviso would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful New Year with a recap of this year’s product highlights. It was an incredible year for us, and there's one thing that shined brighter than the rest: the passion with which the global revenue community embraced the power of AI. We saw first hand how our customers - whether in Australia, the UK, or across the US- adapted through the second year of virtual and hybrid selling, growing revenue, and minimizing risk. As a company, we remain committed to our mission of applying AI to create a better future and bringing your revenue work into one customizable single-pane-of-glass platform. We're glad our friends at both Gartner and Forrester validated our commitment in the Revenue Intelligence & Operations category including in the Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence and the Forrester New Tech: Revenue Operations And Intelligence, Q4 2021 report.With that in mind, I’m excited to share some of the key capabilities that we launched in 2021 to make your workspace better than ever. We shipped over 30 features across thousands of users across our global customer base including:

Enhanced Landing Page

Start your day with Aviso’s newly designed persona-specific homepage with better visualization of all the key capabilities you need - revenue forecasting, deal management, pipeline trends, and visual NLP analytics. Get all of Aviso’s power blending human and AI judgment in a single view.

Enhanced Landing Page

Player a.k.a Opportunity Owner Insights

Get sports-like player performance stats on how your reps are performing. Learn how they perform relative to their own baseline and relative to others for different types of insights: Forecast Category, Stage, Close Date, Amount, Cycle Time and Commit Accuracy. Insights also include activity and advanced sentiment intelligence metrics on email conversations.Owner Insights

Email Sentiment Mining

Track advanced metrics from your email body using our AI, going beyond subject line analysis. Get advanced emotion analysis, intent capture, and next steps to help you focus on contextually important mails, craft the best emails to make progress, and gain better insights into deal health. Aviso’s email sentiment mining also automatically identifies positive and negative aspects and provides valuable insights on deal aspects to focus on going forward.

Email Sentiment MiningEmail Sentiment Mining

Enhanced Nudges

Get timely, actionable nudges to better inspect your pipeline and improve close rates . Learn which deals can be pulled into the current quarter from the next, and make timely course corrections. Aviso’s Upside Nudges leverages AI to find those hidden gems that can be pulled into the current quarter to beat your number. Our three part nudge framework is inspired by Richard Thaler's work on Nudge Theory and our customers have been delighted to see it in action.

Enhanced Nudges email nudge

Coaching Rooms & Leaderboard

Identify your slow performers via the leaderboard and coach them using purpose-built coaching rooms with specific, data-backed insights. Instead of providing generic feedback, managers can use Aviso’s insights on deal-specific behaviors to better coach reps.Leaderboard

Coaching Rooms & Leaderboard Coaching Rooms & Leaderboard2

Aspect-and-Sentiment Based Transcription Summaries

Learn all you need in 2-minute summaries from hour-long calls with insights into the most important keywords, talk ratios, and prospect sentiment. Automatically-generate call transcriptions and summaries and automatically populate the next steps to your CRM from the transcript. Get key takeaways of each prospecting call without having to listen to it from start to finish. Aviso’s call summarization also provides positive and negative aspects discussed during the call. These are automatically identified and provide valuable insights on deal aspects to focus on going forward.

Transcription Summaries

Full-Year Forecasting

Gain the ability to execute forecasts beyond quarterly roll-ups to predict your forecasting performance on a yearly time frame. Aviso’s AI additionally pulls in deals and pipeline intelligence to provide more comprehensive full-year forecasting.

Full-Year Forecasting

New Reports & Analytics

Take faster business decisions with new, more comprehensive reports that span across revenue intelligence, activity intelligence and conversational intelligence to streamline pipeline management and optimize sales performance across funnel stages. Aviso goes beyond Out-of-the-box reports with advanced ThoughtSpot-like NLP Analytics versus traditional BI available in tools like Tableau, Einstein, or Sisense.

New Reports & AnalyticsNew Reports & Analytics

See the entire interaction history by role for deals along with a clear engagement score.New Reports & Analytics

Visualize all activities by account type, across emails and meetings.

New Reports & Analytics

Get early signals on probable churn and understand whether conversations are single or multithreaded. New Reports & Analytics

Learn how to assess opportunity risk better at early stages through our in-depth analysis of early-stage opportunities over diverse metrics.

how to assess opportunity risk

Get a quarterly trend of how frequently you won an opportunity when there is a mention of competition during customer conversations. Get a quarterly trend

Visualize new SaaS metrics for direct use in business reporting of Quarterly Board Meetings.

visualize new SaaS

AI Forecast Explanations

Aviso not only forecasts aggregate revenues on a quarter/yearly basis, but also predicts the likelihood of closure at the deal level - indicated by the Aviso Win Score which ingests a vast multitude of data signals across diverse platforms like your CRM, Email/Calendar, Zoom/Teams, and much more. The WinScore Explanations provide a concise explanation of the WinScore for every deal, arming you with actionable insights to enhance the likelihood of winning the deal.

AI Forecast Explanations

More integrations to your favorite tools

Aviso makes virtual selling more productive. We now integrate with popular video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Google Meet, Ringcentral, and MS Teams, ensuring your revenue teams can glean critical conversation insights from every call. That’s not all, we also built an integration with the Outreach platform providing the same experience for telephony calls or web meetings.integrations

More capabilities to integrate account planning to deal with collaboration

Aviso integrates with tools like Squivr at no extra charge providing joint Close Plans and org charts that easily populate into deal rooms. Bring the voice of the customer into your Close Plan through Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence. Track progress in real-time and connect your activities to your aspirational influence map.

integrate account planning to deal collaboration

More Marketing integrations to Aviso’s GTM Single Pane of Glass

We also added integrations to marketing systems of record and engagement including Campaign and Lead Scoring, website and content interactions, social media, events, and subscription data, as well as third-party intent data signals. GTM Single Pane of Glass

We hope you will continue to be part of our product journey in 2022 and beyond!For more information on Aviso’s products and services, email us at marketing [at] aviso [dot] com