Ivanti Replaces Clari and With Aviso to Get a Single Pane of Glass

Ivanti Replaces Clari and With Aviso to Get a <span class='uk-text-primary'>Single Pane of Glass</span>
Founded in 1985, Ivanti produces IT security, cybersecurity, IT service and asset management, and unified endpoint management software
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What I loved about Aviso is how easy & simple it was to pull data from different CRM instances. Aviso took away heavy lifting for IT. Impressive!

Al Arun

Ivanti faced significant performance issues with previous provider (Clari) and replaced it with Aviso to drive revenue growth and market leadership

Challenges Faced

  • Multiple disconnected instances of Salesforce CRM acquired over time
  • Manual forecast rollup with XLS & PPT
  • Scattered data across CRM and various spreadsheets
  • Lack of deal insights into opportunities and activities
  • Complex hierarchy requirements

Solution Provided

  • Read and write back to multiple CRM instances
  • Customized access for sales reps to view their respective opportunity pipeline
  • Interactive page layouts for different instances
  • Ability to handle varying dollar values for multiple pivots
  • Dynamic views of opportunity owners as last node
  • Easy ramp to Conversational & Activity Intelligence

Benefits for Ivanti

Aviso Enabled Ivanti With “Single Pane of Glass” For Deal Intelligence To Fuel Continued Organic and M&A Growth

“Single pane of glass” solution providing real-time deal and forecasting intelligence

Integrated analytical view of entire business and opportunities pipeline

Increase in sales rep productivity which allowed for more focus on customer engagement

Significant reduction in IT costs through consolidation of CRM systems

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