AI for Sales

Industry-leading accuracy and results
Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver AI data-driven insights that result in higher close rates.

In almost every industry, AI is delivering unfathomable business value. For sales professionals, the power of our AI-powered Opportunity Management platform and suite of Opportunity Management tools is transforming the entire sales process.

Unlike CRM solutions that tell you what you already know, Aviso’s Opportunity Management solution uncovers new intelligence and insights to help you close 20% more deals with WinScores that are > 90% accurate. Using Aviso Opportunity Insights and Opportunity Maps, your teams can clearly see which deals to focus on, and when.

Our Values

Our AI-driven insights give you the predictability and visibility you need to succeed.

We are solely dedicated to helping sales teams exceed expectations and quotas. You can count on our unwavering commitment to help you turn opportunities into predictable revenue streams.

Our Leadership

Experts in Sales and Data Science.

K. V. Rao, Ph.D.

Stephen D’Angelo

Ravi Suryanarayan
VP Customer Success

Manas Chaliha
VP Engineering

Dylan Hurder
Director of Finance

Michael Lock
Senior Advisor

Jason Pressman
Board Member

Stacey Bishop
Board Member

What makes us us
Our Culture

We’re committed to excellence. We bring years of experience in selling, marketing, growing an organization and innovating every day. We see how quickly the world is changing for sales leaders, and we respond quickly and deliberately. We’re casual. We laugh, we share lunch, and we work hard through the deadlines. No stuffy suits here. We’re fiercely customer oriented and it shows.

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