Serve customer needs better with dedicated private virtual channels

Aviso’s external customer channels are purpose-built for working with customers, enabling chat and video collaboration, timely check-ins, rich document collaboration, and e-signatures.

Multimodal Collaboration

Aviso customer channels help sales teams serve customers wherever they are: in a chat, live audio or video meeting, or messaging across time zones. Teams can converge around customer needs in real-time including about deals, products, or support issues. With SmartTranscription, teams can also get conversational intelligence insights on how to serve customers better.

Productivity & Task Management

Aviso’s embedded task management features will ensure your virtual communications with your customers and customer-critical tasks never slip. Aviso helps with inline To-dos and Notes, and also with advanced tools to support document creation, editing, sharing and timely annotations, all in a single customer workspace.

Secure E-Signatures and Approvals

With Customer Rooms, Aviso’s embedded E-Signature feature is embedded directly into your customer workspace. This helps expedite document signage and increases transparency. With military grade security, these communications remain secure and support audit trails, especially for industries like Financial Services.

SmartTranscription & Highlights

Aviso Smart Transcripts and Highlights uses NLP to summarize and find underlying patterns. Aviso generates keyword highlights of customer calls, which are searchable and indexed. AI insights point out areas of concern, and post-call summary and actions help align teams. Aviso uses text and speech analysis, as well as sentiment analysis to give insights into what works best for communication. Users can also bookmark questions asked and be ready with answers in their next calls.

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