The State of Pharma Sales

The pandemic has disrupted the face-to-face sales approach in the healthcare industry. A recent study from Bain & Company suggests that the new protocol is likely to endure even after a vaccine or treatment is available. The lifting of lockdowns is unlikely to return the industry back to ‘normal’. In fact, the below evidence shows a stark reality for an in-person sales revenue model.

    • About 60% of surgeons believe that in-person sales rep access restrictions are likely to persist even after a Covid-19 vaccine is widely available.
    • Of the 75% of physicians who preferred in-person visits from MedTech/Pharma representatives prior to Covid-19, 47% now prefer virtual exchanges or less-frequent visits.
    • Many physicians once skeptical of virtual interactions with sales reps now report these exchanges are high quality.

With omni-channel communication and AI engagement emerging as a top trend in Life Sciences and Pharma industries, there is an increasing pressure on delivering a digital new normal for all participants. The industry’s future depends on balancing regulatory compliance, improving rep productivity, and engaging differently across a new generation of digital-first Field Reps, HCPs, and MSLs.


How Aviso Can Help


AI enabled GTM approach: Aviso is a purpose-built AI operating system to help Pharma and Life Sciences teams better manage and grow their HCP and MSL relationships and provide a superior customer experience within one AI guided workspace. 


Strengthen HCP Relationships:  The Aviso platform drives deeper relationships and maximizes long-term transaction value. It includes purpose-built digital channels with messaging, video. This helps communicate regularly with medical staff and doctors and captures intelligence on activities (calls & emails shared, etc.) that are critical to winning deals and identifying the health of the relationship.


Guided Orchestration: Aviso’s AI Next Best Actions are surfaced via a system of nudges for reps and physicians. After providing a 360 view of interaction and engagement between a Pharma GTM team and HCPs, Aviso recommends Next Best Actions on when and what GTM player should reach out to HCPs to guide the best deal outcomes. 


A Week in the Life of a Pharma Sales Team with Aviso AI

Aviso’s Pharma and Life Sciences solution brings together predictive AI, deep collaboration, and an integrated revenue workspace to power teams and their clients to help:


    • Provide accountability for reps to drive higher HCP and MSL relationship value through optimized and personalize engagement channels and improve service responsiveness.
    • Offer sales teams borderless territories through audio/video communication and e-detailing tools, AI-powered interactions, to increase wallet share and lifetime value of customers.
    • Continuous field sales trainings and coaching along with modules to facilitate them with virtual management and remote customer engagement, and related digital tools.

See how Aviso AI can help drive more
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