Pain Points: With every industry looking to become digital-first, the best high-tech companies have the unique pressure to lead the way with how they themselves use technologies like AI internally to innovate. With 5G, edge computing, and cloud migration emerging as top themes for 2021, there is added pressure to equip reps for a world of 100% virtual team selling, and drive omnichannel AI engagement with buyers and customers. The industry’s future depends on how well firms can turbocharge rep productivity and engage differently with a new generation of digital-first buying groups. 

Aviso Solution: Aviso is a purpose-built AI operating system to help High-Technology virtual selling teams close more deals, grow prospect relationships and provide a superior customer experience within one AI guided workspace. The Aviso platform drives deeper relationships and maximizes long-term transaction value through data-driven guidance. It brings together accurate forecasting and deal risk intelligence, virtual channels with messaging, video, relationship and conversational intelligence, and a system of nudges for reps and extended teams to serve customer teams better. 



A Week in the Life of a High-Tech Sales and Customer Team with AI Guidance

Aviso’s AI solutions for High-Tech bring together predictive AI, deep collaboration, and an integrated revenue workspace to power teams and their clients to help:

– Provide accountability for reps to drive accurate forecasts and greater revenue impact
– Optimize customer engagement through deeper activity and relationship intelligence
– Collaborate across company borders, increase wallet share and lifetime value

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