Beat the Number with Advanced Predictive AI 

Aviso has over six years of predictive AI modeling expertise proven at Fortune 500 ($5B+ scale) as well as high-growth business leaders. Aviso’s predictive forecasting delivers 98%+ accuracy, flexibility across net new and renewal business models, and deep enterprise customization. 

Unified Forecasting

Aviso’s unified forecasting blends the best of human and AI judgments with the most sophisticated global roll up forecasting in the industry, helping sales reps, managers, and VPs of Sales focus on what lies ahead and drive timely team actions. Aviso is also the only tool on the market to predict run rate business.

Deal Level Forecasting

Get insight into all deals called in and out of forecast with Deal Level Forecasting. Audit your trail of judgment applied across all levels of management (roles, deal amounts, CRM fields). Immediately see discrepancies and address disagreements between members of your sales team on whether a deal is in or out of forecast.

Any Level Hierarchy

Aviso offers the most flexible hybrid and CRM anchored hierarchy management. For e.g. Aviso can pull from SFDC hierarchy, and provide separate, additional pivots. Our hierarchy is configurable and Admins can change forecast views by product, segment, geography or any other design point. With hierarchy versioning, you can look back and see what your hierarchy was at a different point in time.

Multiple Pivots

Aviso’s custom views go beyond standard fields in CRM. We incorporate multiple views of forecast for e.g. business units, or product lines, or renewals. Aviso pulls data from CRM and houses fields in a separate data warehouse, giving more flexibility, including pulling any custom objects or custom fields on standard objects.

WinScore Insights

Aviso AI generates true statistical probabilities to score each opportunity with a unique score called the WinScore. This helps reps and managers guide deal behaviors. The AI engine looks at the end of the current quarter and for all open deals, regardless of attributes specified by the Sales Team like Close Date or Stage and complete history of opportunities to create a training set.

It also considers opportunity fields throughout the sales cycle, and values from connected CRM objects (Owner, Account etc.) and various derived fields (e.g. Close Date Pushes, Time in Current Stage, etc.). ML models then optimize the predictive WinScores by choosing the set of features and model parameters that performs best in backtesting and as businesses evolve over time the models learns to use different features.

Ensemble Models

Aviso AI ensemble models help control for erratic data in your CRM and other outlying factors, bringing the standard deviation (error) down to 6.7%, from 16.3% found in traditional models. This drastically reduces the forecasting risk for sales management, both for high-growth volatile companies and more stable Fortune 500 businesses.

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