MON SEP 12 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates — August 2022

by Bithika Bishesh

For the month of August, we focused on enhancing and optimizing the CI, activity, and revenue intelligence capabilities.

This product update includes two new CI features — multilingual language translation and external call recording using a bot. For activity and people intelligence, Aviso has launched seniority job mapping and pdf/excel export support for reports. We have also enhanced our revenue intelligence platform with WinScore projections and pull-in models.

Product Release Highlights

Multilingual Language Translation

What is it?

Aviso can process client conversation transcripts and provide call translation in 50+ non-English languages from any source language to any destination language(s). Once the translation is available in the new language, it will be visible in the ‘Transcription’ tab under SmartTranscript. Sentiment analysis/ score and the topics (point of interest) also get translated to the new language, and clicking them takes the user to the respective speaker's turn. Users can also see the original language call transcription under the “See Original” tab.

Why is it important?

Language should not be a hindrance to closing deals and providing quality customer support. Organizations hosting web meetings or dialer calls can use different languages during the conversation.

But as a front-line manager or a sales leader, you would want to know what the sales team communicates in the marketplace. So when sales calls happen in different languages for an enterprise company operating globally or a sales team spread across different locations, sales managers are faced with a major challenge — how to process and analyze calls in non-English languages

Multilingual CI capabilities can help sales teams gain meaningful insights into their prospects and customers.

How does it help?

With Aviso’s multilingual translation support, users can see what the rep said and did during every conversation and any actions made in response to the caller's demands. Our AI-based transcription tool can analyze large volumes of information to provide meaningful sales call insights into customer preferences, sales team performance, etc. This takes the selling experience for customers as well as sales teams to a whole new level.

 Translate Your Transcript Into Multiple Languages

Support For External Calls In Aviso Via Bot Recording

What is it?

Aviso can now record external calls (customer’s customer call in Aviso) via Bot. When an external call is scheduled, a bot will join the call and record the meeting after the consent of the participants. The recorded meeting is posted in the user’s inbox, and the transcript is generated. Call recorded by Aviso bot is stored in Aviso AWS instance for three months, post that it’s archived but insights are retained.

Sales managers/ admins get the flexibility to configure the meetings or reps' calls that need to be recorded.

Why is it important?

As virtual meetings persist, sales users need a way to make them more productive and collaborative. A bot is like your conversation intelligence buddy that joins your meetings to record and transcribe everything for you in addition to generating meaningful insights.

How does it help?

Aviso’s Bot can monitor the reps' calendars to look for upcoming meetings and join automatically. You can also forward the meeting invite to Aviso’s bot, which will join the meeting for you.

The recorded call is processed to generate transcription, speaker labeling, and CI insights giving you the same user experience you get with native recordings. We can quickly enable the CI feature for potential customers while giving demos without going through more detailed native integration steps.

Aviso’s Bot In A Meeting

Seniority Job Mapping for Relationship Insights

What is it?

Aviso identifies the level of seniority based on the designation captured against the contact in the CRM and provides relationship intelligence. 

Why is it important?

In B2B selling, when company A sells a product or service to company B, the closing of a deal depends a lot on the opinion of higher-ups of company B. They are either the key decision-makers and/or have high influence. So in order to forecast accurately, we must know the roles of the people involved with the deal.

How does it help?

For a particular opportunity, Aviso segregates the levels of seniority and the level of engagement at the seniority level. A sales leader can look at the relationship summary and see if there is any engagement at the executive level or not. Aviso can generate activity reports to show the list of opportunities with no executive engagement over the last few weeks. Users also get to understand the sentiment of the executive and provide deal-level insights at the executive level.

Report Export & Share External Option

What is it?

Aviso users will now have the option to export the forecasts, deals page, and reports in PDF or Excel and share these as an external link.

Why is it important?

It’s becoming increasingly critical to use data to guide the decision-making process in business. Sales leaders and investors often like to have access to their forecast numbers and reports on a regular basis to understand how a business is performing. Aviso’s report export and share features will help salespeople manage leaders’ and investors’ expectations.

How does it help?

Users can download the data for different sales metrics to see how a particular region performs compared to others or analyze quarter-over-quarter changes in revenue, pipeline, etc. The excel export option is particularly beneficial when you have to do reporting for a quarterly business review.

Export And Share The Sales Metrics

WinScore Projections

What is it?

Aviso will now be able to project where a deal will end in both the best-case scenario as well as the worst-case scenario. For any opportunity, the green line will show the best-case path, and the red line will show the worst-case path for that opportunity. Aviso predicts these scenarios based on the movements and trends of all the historical deals of similar size.

Why is it important?

For sales organizations, there’s simply nothing worse than losing a deal after investing significant time and resources in nurturing the deal. Sales users need insights into how much time they have while waiting on a particular deal to make decisions accordingly or prioritize other deals.

How does it help?

The ability to gauge the best-case and worst-case scenarios for an opportunity gives sales users a time frame that helps them plan and strategize correctly to avoid the worst-case scenario and follow the best path. 

Aviso also gives its users the option to hover on the historical WinScore changes to identify the key factors contributing to these changes. So, if a deal’s WinScore moves from 40% to 60%, you can hover on that 60% to see the key factors pushing this deal further up. Aviso gives insights into several key factors changing the WinScore of a deal, such as close date changes, forecast category changes, forecast amount changes, etc. This gives reps a winning edge to guide their deal activities and resources to close their quarter's most efficient deal volume and pipeline.

Aviso’s WinScore Projections

Best-Case And Worst-Case Scenarios For An Opportunity

Pull-In Model for Future Deals

What is it?

Aviso has developed a new ML-based pull-in model that can identify deals from future quarters that can be pulled into the current quarter and won. Our models assign a pull-in score for deals not in the current quarter, and all those deals with a pull-in score higher than a certain threshold value are called as pull-ins into the current quarter. The pull-in score tells the probability of a next quarter deal closing in the current quarter.

Why is it important?

To attain the required quarterly quota, sales reps often push deals that are not ready at the end of the quarter. This can cost companies millions as these deals may not carry over to the next quarter. Thus, while most sales users are focused on tracking the deals that can be won in the current quarter, it's always equally important to keep an eye on future deals that can potentially be won in the current quarter.

How does it help?

Aviso has an 80-85% precision in predicting the probability of winning a future deal in the current quarter. So, if our model calls 10 future deals to be pulled in and won in the current quarter, 8 of these 10 deals are correctly identified. By identifying the correct deals with the potential to close in the current quarter, sales users can maximize revenue and re-evaluate their sales strategy for future quarters.

If you're an Aviso customer, you might have received a notification about these updates. Talk with your success manager to learn more about these new features and see how you can fully leverage them. 

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