MON AUG 08 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates - July-2022

by Bithika Bishesh

In the month of July, we have added some exciting features across activity, conversational intelligence, and revenue intelligence capabilities on Aviso platform, including our integration with Webex to get critical conversation insights from every call.

This month’s product update includes an Org chart for relationship intelligence, WinScore insights related to renewal deals, the ability to fetch call recordings from Salesforce, Webex integration, email body signature extraction, and an enhanced dashboard to see changes in close date and forecast categories.

Product Release Highlights

Dynamic Org Chart To Show Account Relationship 

What is it?

Org chart is a way of representing your account relationships either at a deal level or at an account level. Aviso's dynamic org charts enable sellers with a deal-specific bird’s eye view of contacts and how they relate to each other in the organization hierarchy.

Users can create and add new contacts to the chart with ease. They can also associate and remove relationships using a drag-and-drop relationship builder.

 Why is it important?

Sellers deal with a multi-faceted sales cycle that requires them to identify key contacts and the hierarchy of relationships between client decision-makers and contacts. Org charts provide a visual representation of their contacts to see if sellers are interacting with key decision-makers. By understanding where the stakeholders are in the organization hierarchy and how we are interacting with every stakeholder in a particular deal/account, org charts can show if effective relationships are being formed for the deal to be won faster or realize better outcomes.

 How does it help?

With Aviso’s org charts, sellers receive the following:

  • Deal-specific bird’s eye view of contacts and how they relate to each other in the organization hierarchy.
  • Insights on engagement levels, sentiment after the last interaction, emails sent/received metrics, scheduled meetings, and more.

This helps sellers build relationships with the right contacts faster, customize pitches to each hierarchical level, and get the nod from decision-makers resulting in considerably shorter deal cycles.

Aviso’s Org Chart

Fetching Salesforce Recordings into Aviso 

What is it?

Aviso now integrates with Salesforce to import the call recordings into Aviso for generating the SmartTranscript and other conversational intelligence metrics. While pulling the recordings from Salesforce, the account name or the company name of the opportunity is identified, and an account room in the Collaboration workspace is created. The recording is then tagged to that account.

If an associated account is not found against the opportunity in Salesforce, Aviso tags the recording to the ‘Untagged calls’ section.

Why is it important?

A powerful dialer is a powerful front-end for a CRM. You get the benefits of using your existing CRM with quicker, more effective call handling, better monitoring, and more sophisticated interaction data.

Aviso can pull recordings from any dialer your CRM integrates with, as long as the recordings are logged in Salesforce. With this capability, as a user, you don’t have to worry about the dialers your CRM integrates with. As a CRM provider, you don’t have to integrate with multiple dialers.

How does it help?

For any dialer, when the call recording gets logged in Salesforce, we can fetch that recording to Aviso and provide SmartTranscripts and CI insights on top of it. Our advanced NLP models generate all the insights you need on every call in a single, easy-to-consume report. Having all your recordings and transcripts in one place leads to faster collaboration.

Webex Integration 

What is it?

Aviso now integrates with Cisco Webex. Webex Meetings is an engaging, inclusive, and intelligent video conferencing solution for the modern workforce. Key features include — reactions with animated emojis and gesture recognition, next-gen dynamic polling, real-time language translation into 100+ languages, breakout rooms that enable smaller group discussions, automatic transcriptions, notes, and highlights.

Why is it important?

Aviso users will now be able to select Webex as an option under the “Call Type” section in the “Schedule Meet” pop-up for meetings.

In order to create excellent experiences that make meetings simple — even for first-time users — Webex combines voice, video, and document sharing. Additionally, Webex offers the appropriate capabilities and a smooth user experience across all platforms so that teams can get right down to business without being held up by technology.

How does it help?

Aviso’s integration with video conferencing solutions like Webex ensures your revenue teams can glean critical conversation insights from every call. Aviso AI can then analyze the meeting recording, transcribe it, and provide rich insights to both reps and managers. This ultimately helps move the conversation forward and provides managers with improvement or coaching areas for reps.

Email Body Signature Extraction

What is it?

In business communication, emails often contain signatures with contact information. Aviso’s advanced technology and algorithms can scan, identify, and extract all contact details (first name, last name, contact detail, title, organization, and more) from email signatures with 95%+ accuracy.

Why is it important? 

Email signatures contain incredibly rich data that can be used to keep contact records up-to-date. Everything from a person’s name to their phone number, address, and more is all contained at the end of their emails. However, manually storing, tracking, and updating contact records wastes sellers’ valuable time. Parsing signatures from emails decreases the manual time spent on your CRM.

How does it help?

Signature from the email body can be leveraged to extract valuable customer contact information of the sender. This information can be used to enrich contact information in CRM by filling in gaps where information may be missing or incomplete in your CRM. Consider the scenario where all you have is a potential customer's email address. How important is that contact? Email signature extraction can help automatically fill in the blanks by finding names, phone numbers, work titles, and other information about a person in order to really consider them a lead or contact.

WinScore Insights Related to Renewal Deals

What is it?

Aviso can now customize WinScore insights based on the type of deals. So, for a renewal deal, we will now show insights specific to the renewal deals instead of clubbing together the insights for the new and renewal deals.

Why is it important?

It’s important to examine renewal opportunities with the same rigor and transparency that’s applied to net new businesses. A detailed and robust analysis of what’s happening with the renewal deals helps improve the renewal forecasting, identify the at-risk deals, and focus on getting these closed on time.

How does it help? 

The customizable WinScore insights provide a concise explanation of the WinScore for every deal — new or renewal — arming you with actionable insights to enhance the likelihood of winning the deal. You can detect churn risk and plan on how to provide additional value to your clients by offering new products.

Aviso’s WinScore Explanations

Forecast Category Changes and Close Date Changes in Dashboard 

What is it?

Aviso’s Dashboard will now have the option of displaying changes in the close date of a deal in addition to showing the pull-ins and push-outs. Close date changes tab can track all the changes in the close date of a deal within your selected timeframe (last month, last quarter, within a quarter, etc.). Clicking on this tab will list all those opportunities where the close date has been changed along with ‘previous close date’ and ‘current close date’ details.

We have also modified our forecast category changes tab to show changes in all the forecast categories — not just the commit and de-commit categories — since many deals also move across other forecast categories. 

Why is it important? 

Sales users need to be able to quickly drill down into specific areas of the pipeline in more detail. Having a dashboard that gives crucial insights into important deal-related changes helps keep track of all the opportunities and potential clients they are managing at once.  

 How does it help?

Sellers don’t want to inflate the size of your pipeline with dud pipeline deals that give them a false picture of future sales revenue. Tracking the close date changes will help the sales teams identify the at-risk deals and plan ways to close them before they become dead.

Likewise, keeping track of forecast categories can help you figure out when and how much revenue you might anticipate for the current period. As a result, forecast discussions remain concentrated on taking strategic action instead of providing status updates.

Aviso’s Dashboard- Close Date Changes

Aviso’s Dashboard- Forecast Category Changes

You might have received a notification about these updates if you're an Aviso customer. Talk with your success manager to learn more about these new features and see how you can fully leverage them. If you aren’t a customer yet, talk with our team now to see a demo of Aviso.