FRI DEC 16 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates – November 2022

by Noel Abhishek

At Aviso, we believe in enabling our customers to make the best data-driven decisions and adding significant value to their businesses. Driven by user requests and leap-frogging our competitors, while executing our up-market vision, this month’s product updates across the entire platform showcase deep innovations.

These include enhancements in the user interface, data analysis, and action plans for top executives and sales teams to better engage with their prospects.

A Custom Adaptive Metrics Dashboard

CXOs and Sales leaders often look at metrics at a regional level or line of business (LOB) level. They need instant access to such data with insights that lead to better decisions.

As part of the custom adaptive metrics update, Aviso unifies data from all regional CRMs and runs various machine learning algorithms to generate a dashboard with relevant information regarding opportunity creation, opportunity breakdown, and average deal size. C-suite and senior leaders can access this dashboard and use it for forecasting and strategic planning exercises. Aviso can create this dashboard with customized adaptive metrics to demystify complex data challenges on customers’ request.

Interactions Over Time and Engagement Grade by Top Accounts

As a user interface update, we’ve now included all sales conversations (through email, in-person meetings, and calls) over a time graph with respect to hierarchy. This UI update enables sales managers to understand the number of interactions made by a sales rep at every deal stage. This data was earlier presented as a report but is now available in a dashboard under Account Engagement.

Account Engagement Activity Dashboard

Similar to the number of interactions that were made, sales managers also need to understand the type of engagement by sales reps with their respective accounts. We’ve used a grading system that captures keywords and phrases in text and conversation to analyze engagement in an account.

Engagement Level Dashboard

Aviso Notetaker Bot Integration with Google Meet

Similar to the Aviso notetaker and recording bot that Aviso has for Zoom meetings, we now have a bot that records and transcribes sales conversations on Google Meet. 

Along with recording and transcribing calls, the platform also offers real-time call guidance. This allows salespeople to add checklists or prompts they would like to ask in each stage, along with recommended responses. This makes it easy for them to follow suggested talk tracks.

Contact Auto-Population with Additional Details

Aviso’s contact auto-population module helps sales reps focus on high-value generating activities instead of spending their time on the manual task of updating contacts in salesforce and logging every customer-related activity. 

Aviso’s proprietary AI algorithm comprehensively scans emails, meetings, and other activities and auto-populates contacts to users’ dashboard for a simple review before uploading the contacts to the CRM. With this update, in addition to contact suggestions based on email and meetings capture, the module also captures additional contact details from email signatures and maps to the hierarchy.

Upgrade in the Mutual Action Plan

For every deal stage, there are a set of milestones that a sales rep has to complete or achieve to proceed to the next stage. Aviso’s Mutual Action Plan offering includes these stages, milestones, tasks, and the timelines associated. While earlier only a few of these categories were configurable, now all of these are configurable and editable depending on each organization.

Mutual Action Plan

To see these product enhancements in action and know more about the Aviso AI platform, schedule a free demo here.