FRI NOV 11 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates – October 2022

by Noel Abhishek

We here at Aviso AI believe in intelligence or insights that are actionable and available in real time. In this quest, we’ve been building and adding several features to our AI-guided revenue intelligence platform that offer insights in real time to sales reps. Here are some of the latest product features updates for October 2022.

Product Release Highlights

Real-Time Call Guidance

On average, sales reps take about 10-15 calls a day, each at a different stage in the sales pipeline. The sales conversations play a critical role in whether the deal would close or not. In an ideal world, the sales rep would be able to memorize all the required information including pricing and features of their own product and of their competitors. However, given the number of calls a sales rep takes in a day and the speed at which the business landscape is changing, having all this information handy and on top of mind could be tough.

With Real-Time Call Guidance, sales reps can now have a checklist of all the questions they need to ask and recommended responses with best practices.

The feature equips sales reps to configure a checklist and talk tracks that they would want to adhere to during a call. It also enables them to add recommended responses for key information related to a deal that is in a particular stage. This allows for a much more focused approach toward selling.

The ‘checklist’ and ‘recommended responses’ features are auto-enabled and appear whenever a phrase or a keyword already mentioned in these Aviso features is said during a call. This real-time call guidance helps sales reps steer conversations with prospects for better outcomes.

Admin view of checklist and recommended responses

The real-time call guidance screen automatically opens when a Zoom meeting is scheduled with the Aviso AI platform and starts offering insights within a few minutes.

Real-time call guidance screen when a meeting starts

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Combined Full-Year Forecast Grid View

Earlier, the forecast dashboard view would showcase information across sales teams and regions only for a particular quarter. Users had to manually change the quarter to view the forecast for the previous and next quarter.

The new combined view showcases AI forecast information across a financial year with filters for each quarter.

New Full-Year Forecast Module (FM) Grid View

Comprehensive Deals View

The earlier deals dashboard had separate views for deals that are ‘At-Risk,’ ‘In Focus,’ ‘Upside’ and ‘Low Priority.’ Due to the separate views, sales leaders found it difficult to gain a single snapshot of all deals. The latest visual update for the deals dashboard is filter-based and offers comprehensive views of all the aforementioned deals, along with category, list, and map filters.

Deals dashboard – list and map view

Deals dashboard – deals ‘in forecast’ and ‘not in forecast’ view

Improved Next Quarter Deal Pull-In Score Recommendation Model

Next quarter pull-in scores determine the probability of winning the deal in the current quarter. Aviso uses a new data science modeling technique (Pull-In Model) that considers the possibility of pulling in a deal from the next quarter into the current quarter to win and meet the target for this quarter. The new next quarter pull-in scores generated have a 90% chance of closing in the current quarter.

New next quarter pull-in deals view

Consolidated Activity View for Each Contact

In this feature, sales reps would previously only get a brief overview of the number of meetings, emails sent and received, and the most recent interaction, which could be either an email or a meeting. The new enhancement to this overview is a detailed view of each interaction (email and meeting) along with the duration, emotion analysis, and the email body.

In addition to this information, users can now view the number of competitor mentions, objections, and positive mentions at a glance across all interactions (email and meetings).

Interaction View of each Contact

Consolidated Activity View

To see these product enhancements in action and know more about the Aviso AI platform, schedule a free demo here.