MON OCT 17 2022

Tina Phillips: Digitizing the Customer Experience with Revenue Intelligence Technology for CRM Systems

by Cheshta Dora

Tina Phillips, Partner, Deloitte Consulting

In a recent edition of Aviso’s Revenue Navigators Series, we had the opportunity to speak with Tina Phillips, Partner, Deloitte Consulting. As a global business leader, Tina’s extensive experience gave her a unique perspective of what sales teams need to do to be competitive and provide value in the modern business environment. Tina shares how artificial intelligence has revolutionized the digital customer experience and how sales leaders and reps can use modern CRM tools effectively and efficiently.

Aviso: How can modern sales teams drive the greatest value for their customers?

Tina Phillips: A few trends are emerging in the technology industry. One, in particular, is the shift towards subscription-based products and billing cycles. This shift ultimately changes the nature of sales from a one-time installation to a continuous lifetime customer engagement process. Secondly, the increasing growth of partner channels and mergers and acquisitions need quick and accurate value justifications.

The future of sales is moving away from the “traditional” art of selling and pure relationship management to more of a scientific, analytics-based process. This is precisely where the importance of revenue intelligence tools like the Aviso platform comes into play. With revenue intelligence, companies can derive value and competitive advantage: customer insights, partner insights, sales planning, forecasting, deals analytics, and margin analysis. These tools allow sales reps to make data-driven decisions and act on them in a timely fashion. This positions Aviso to be a key player in the future of sales enablement.

Finally, it is essential for companies, and specifically their sales reps, to constantly embrace the modernization of selling. In my experience working with reps, they spend too much time reviewing sales history, territory realignment, or what they call “checking the rear-view mirror”. However, sales teams must adapt, redefine their behaviors, and make data-based decisions to continue revenue growth in today’s age. For an organization to be well-oiled and positioned for the future, it is going to need a strategic focus and dynamic thinking.

Aviso: How can AI help customers get more value with their CRM systems?

Tina Phillips: As a manager who has a long history of working with CRM systems, I see how artificial intelligence is shaping the future of customer relationship management. A pressing issue companies are facing across the globe is figuring out where sales reps need to be present for the customer in the sales journey. It is critical to understand where you need to be human, and where you need to be digital in the customer journey. Revenue intelligence is providing an answer to this question through AI insights and suggestions and the tracking of historical decisions and allocation. 

The modern customer’s expectations exponentially grow and become harder to achieve. As a sales rep, it is no longer sufficient to memorize a pitch about your product. Customers now expect their sales reps to know what the buyer company does, and what value a product has to their own company. They are looking for a more end-to-end view of how you serve them as a team rather than in company segments. This change in expectations requires a customized, individualized customer experience that Aviso can provide efficiently.

A sales journey ultimately comes back to providing value for your customers. Every sales team must be able to answer the question - “How are we going to deliver value?”. Analytics and metrics will be an essential part of the process to deliver this value. However, sometimes we focus too much on measuring the completion of activities, rather than how we’re going to create customer value, shareholder value, and value for the enterprise. I think that’s where AI can provide information that has not been previously used. Using the technology is often not the issue, it is about understanding the data-generated insights and how the technology can best work for you. The responsibility of this product education falls back on the technology companies providing these solutions as an additional step in the sales process. 

Aviso: How can Aviso’s single pane of glass bring it all together for modern revenue teams?

Tina Phillips: For many companies, CRM systems consist of traditional data warehouses combined with various tools bought from different technology service providers. We’ve seen attempts to consolidate [technology systems] and reduce technical debt. Other times, we’ve seen having the ‘best of breed’ to try to get the functionality from many new applications. But I think the missing component is - “how to get the information to run my business?”.

By handling extensive, complex data from many sources, Aviso’s “single pane of glass” approach is shaping how sales managers, reps, CROs and finance teams view their customer relationships. Aviso’s insights, WinScores, and conversation intelligence solutions can unlock the science behind closing deals and obtaining accurate revenue forecasts.


As the business environment continues to become more digitized, the needs and expectations of customers will continue to change. With her deep understanding and expertise in the software and consulting industry, Tina Phillips shared the importance of adaptation and confident decision-making. Knowing how to get the best out of the hybrid selling environment is a question that many companies continue to face. Having a comprehensive and dynamic CRM system is the key to obtaining this balance in a world of uncertainty. Through Aviso, sales teams can organize data, make precise revenue forecasts, gain specific insights, and use conversational intelligence to perfect customer engagement. 

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