TUE JUN 28 2022

Improve Sales Rep Productivity With Aviso’s AI-Powered Nudges

by Bithika Bishesh

Sales representatives have a significant role in a company’s value creation, and as such, the sales team's success becomes critical for an organization’s growth. Every salesperson aspires to end the month on a positive note celebrating their accomplishments. The most effective reps are a distinct breed. They constantly exceed quotas. Unfortunately, for most sales reps, it all comes to an end with unmet targets due to lack of sales insights and the right tools. 

Challenges Faced By Sales Reps

With many influencers, platforms, and purchase options, the sales environment is becoming increasingly unpredictable. Digitization and increasing market volatility has led to changing buyer behavior and in turn, more complex sales operations. As a result, sales reps are facing multiple challenges, such as lack of visibility into sales pipeline, lack of customer insights, inability to drive sales process adoption and more time spent on data gathering and reporting. Here are some of the reasons why these challenges have a negative impact on sales rep productivity:

 Sales reps can overcome these challenges through a set of activity insights that gives them an overview of activities on a regular basis and nudges them to take timely action by tracking important stage-based sales metrics. These insights improve sales rep productivity and help prevent deal slippage by reminding users to act early and often. They also expedite deal execution by nudging different sales team members with actions that matter most to moving a deal forward.

Aviso AI Nudges An Insight Engine To Make Sales Reps Successful

Sales representatives need insight on who they should be selling to, what they should be selling, and what opportunities they should focus on. They need specific sales insights to fulfill the their sales objectives.

Aviso's role-based single pane of glass provides relevant and actionable insights through AI-powered nudges. Backed by our powerful auto-machine learning core, nudges help sales reps get the most out of Aviso AI’s insights. Aviso’s Nudge framework uses reinforcement learning methods to notify the right actions to users, maximizing their chances of winning deals.

Aviso’s AI-Driven Deal Nudges

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With Aviso nudges, insights are curated and delivered directly to sales team members to update them about the state of deals and actions they can take to drive the deal forward. Sales reps get insights on the following objectives:

Prospecting: Every sales rep's call revolves around prospecting insights powerful, cognitive data that can convert prospects into valuable customers. Prospecting insights include information and data on competitors and leads that salespeople can use to figure out whom to target, when, and how. 

Aviso AI Competitor Nudges provide vital prospecting insights into:

  • Top leads (by quality, revenue opportunity, etc.)
  • Competitors by product line and account

Cross-Selling And Up-Selling: Cross-selling and up-selling are easy-to-win opportunities for increasing the revenue because additional products and services are offered to existing customers. Yet many sales reps fail to maximize the potential of their existing customers due to lack of insights related to either the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or the ‘best’ products to cross-sell or up-sell. 

Aviso AI High-Discount Alert Nudges help clients tap into the best market and increase ROI by giving insights into:

  • Cross-sell candidates
  • Next product most likely to be sold
  • Products most likely to be sold together
  • Discounting recommendations

Forecasting Accurately: Predicting forecasts accurately has been hard primarily due to lack of deal-level visibility, cumbersome roll-ups, dated tools and technologies, and disconnect between sales and other departments. 

Aviso AI Forecast Change Nudge, Forecast Fill Nudge, Deals at Risk Nudge, and Next-Quarter Nudge drive confidence and take control of the quarter with accurate predictions from day one giving access to the most up-to-date information related to:

  • Pipeline health
  • Forecast versus actual quota
  • Overdue activities by type, account, opportunity

Customer Care: Sales reps must use proactive selling skills and tools to put customer business concerns and possibilities at the centre of the conversation in today's complex business climate. It is critical for sales reps to have customer insights because customer service can have as much impact as a solid sales funnel or effective marketing initiatives.

Aviso AI Customer Care Nudges help reps gain a deeper understanding of their customers by giving them access to customer data in real-time, such as:

  • Customer’s order and discount history
  • Recency and frequency of customers
  • Customer’s service request (SR) history and open SRs
  • Customer satisfaction score

User Adoption & Alignment: The best SaaS companies are customer-centric. They understand that the customer journey can be improved by collecting product feedback and adoption data. 

Aviso AI Weekly Dashboards, Contact Auto-Population Nudge, and Data Enrichment Nudge collect data from your customers on how they use your product and their pain points and offer insights into: 

  • Accounts that need coverage
  • Information that is outdated (opportunities that need updates)
  • Information completeness (accounts and contacts missing key information)

Know more about key saas sales metrics that revenue leaders should be tracking for go-to-market success.


Going well beyond predictive analytics, Aviso has developed a comprehensive insight engine of rich AI functionality for sales professionals and offers guided coaching insights in real-time – Prescriptive Analytics or Next Best Actions that you can take from anywhere. Nudges & weekly digests provide custom notifications about pipeline shifts, next best actions, and deal risk to all revenue team members, accelerating the sales process. 

Learn more about Aviso’s single pane of glass platform, or contact us today to see how we can help you and your team drive more sales.

Glossary of Aviso AI Nudges:

Contact Auto-Population Nudge  Enables contacts captured at scale, syncing instantly to CRM and notifies you about contacts that improve the chances of winning.

Data Enrichment Nudge Automates your contact data enrichment and notifies about changes to contact information.

Customer Risk Nudges Nudges on the next steps, key competitors, and other relevant fields crucial to winning deals.

Forecast Fill Nudge Acts as a reminder to update your forecast numbers without having to set your own reminders or having your manager remind you.

Deals at Risk Nudge  Sends you nudges about the deals identified at risk. This nudge contains key deal information and explanations that can help you take corrective action immediately and rectify deal slippage before it’s too late.

Upside Deals Nudge Sends you nudges when it finds promising deals that are not in the forecast but could be won in the quarter. Our AI research team has found that, on average, the total deals won from upside deals nudges is around 15%.

Close Date Nudge Reminds you to update the status for deals whose close date is approaching or has crossed.

Stagnant Deal Nudge Shows you which deals haven’t been touched for 15 days or more and reminds you to take action.

Forecast Change Nudge Tells you if your projections dipped below a certain amount and alerts you to mitigate risk.

Next quarter Nudge Warns you if the current pipe isn’t enough to meet next quarter’s quota and recommends the next steps.

Pullin Nudge Alerts on deals that are moving swiftly and deserve to be pulled in to forecast based on historical data.

Weekly Dashboards Finds the number of meetings set up, emails exchanged, and executives touched for each account.

Competitor Nudge Tells you which deals haven’t seen a competitor conversation and reminds you to make it happen.