MON JUN 12 2023

CI Score - The Only Score You Need To Track Sales Conversations’ Quality

by Avinash Kothakota

In today's rapidly evolving hybrid selling world, effective communication is pivotal in building successful relationships. The ability to engage in meaningful conversations, comprehend buyers' perspectives, and foster genuine connections have become increasingly valuable.

By delving into the intricacies of conversational intelligence, this blog post aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to Aviso’s Conversational Intelligence Score (CI Score), shedding light on its importance and potential benefits. Join us on this exploration to discover how CI Score can empower sales reps and organizations to foster better communication, deepen connections, and unlock untapped revenue potential.

Does your CI product quantify the quality of conversations? 

When it comes to revenue operations, it’s not just about managing the pipeline, updating the forecasts, and acting on deals. But also concerns the quality of conversations sales reps have with the buyers, as it ultimately impacts the deal conversion. This is precisely why Conversational Intelligence has become a critical part of Revenue operations. 

Using advanced AI, Conversational Intelligence extracts valuable insights from customer conversations that can be used to improve the effectiveness of sales reps. Most CI products today provide auto-summarization, transcripts, conversation insights, keyword identification, etc. But is that sufficient for sales teams? 

No, like for any other revenue operation, sales teams need a hard metric to set goals, track, and achieve them. Some platforms provide sentiment score that indicates positive or negative intent, but it doesn’t quantify all aspects of the conversation. Different platforms offer different metrics to track conversation quality, leading to more confusion among users.

Sales teams need an all-inclusive metric. A metric that will help them measure the quality of their conversations with buyers. 

What is Aviso’s CI Score?

Aviso has developed Conversational Intelligence Score (CI Score) to address this very need of the sales world. Aviso’s CI score is a metric designed to quantify the effectiveness of sales conversations in driving successful deal outcomes. It measures the level of communication intelligence exhibited by both the buyer and seller in a sales conversation. It provides insights on how to improve communication strategies to drive better deal outcomes.

This metric evaluates multiple factors: engagement, empathy, emotion, sentiment, agreeability, inquisitiveness, competition comparisons, topics, next steps, and intent. It is powerful enough to assess all of these aspects. This way, the CI score provides revenue operations teams with a comprehensive understanding of the quality of their conversations.

How can the CI Score benefit you?

  1. Improve the overall understanding of the buyer: Sellers don't have to analyze multiple metrics, reports, keywords, and topics. The CI score provides a comprehensive picture of the buyer's standing. It is an aggregate of scores from all past conversations.
  2. Get to the account/deal/recording level understanding of conversations: Sellers can drill down the CI score from the account level to a call recording level. This analysis allows them to identify where the score is dropping and plan remedial actions. The CI score is calculated based on a moving weighted average which is adjusted based on the recency of the calls.
  3. Closely follow the trend (the buyer insights): Sales leaders can track the CI score over time. This provides a historical view of communication effectiveness. Teams can use this to identify trends and patterns in their performance. Closely follow the buyer insights trend for the best results.
  4. Understand the influence of CI on deal outcomes: Revenue leads can see both deal performance and communication effectiveness with Aviso Winscore. This includes the effect of CI score on deal outcomes.


Aviso's CI score is a reliable metric. It helps sales teams gain a better understanding of buyers, communication effectiveness, and the overall outcome of a deal. Unlocking the potential for revenue growth allows businesses to improve their sales pitches. This enriches the buyer experience and takes buyer relationships to greater levels.

If you’re an existing Aviso CI customer, you can access the CI score from the CI dashboard. Others can reach out to us to set up a call to discuss your Conversational Intelligence needs.