TUE SEP 27 2022

Buyer Intent Analytics — The What, Why, And How

by Bithika Bishesh

Imagine being able to tailor your sales pitch that exactly fits your customer needs!

While this may sound exciting, how do you possibly read a buyer’s mind to understand their intent?

For instance, we are all aware of some common buying phrases that seem interesting but often leave sellers confused.

We have a tendency to perceive messages and conversations in ways that make us feel happy and hopeful. This is referred to as having “happy ears.” Sales teams with happy ears focus on the most promising parts of a conversation while filtering out all the probable reasons why a prospect would reject their products or services.

So how do you know with certainty what the prospect is really saying? You need to improve your emotional intelligence and understand the buyer’s real intent to negotiate successfully and win.

However, virtual sales meetings have made it challenging for sales users to read the room. It isn’t easy to build rapport or understand a prospect’s body language and tone in this virtual selling environment.

Read on to find out how Aviso’s AI uses techniques from expert hostage negotiators to understand the psychology behind a deal and give insights on buyers’ intent.

What is Buyer Intent Analytics?

Understanding a buyer’s intent through conversational intelligence can help you find out how they feel about your product and services and predict their requirements at the right time.

Buyer intent analytics is the process of analyzing buyers’ verbal (text) and nonverbal (subtext) cues using AI and ML models to derive insights that help salespeople understand their buyers’ real intent and act with empathy to close deals faster.

These insights will help sellers determine what kind of a “yes” it is and when the buyer is lying to prevent a contradictory conversation. Sellers can use these insights to plan their next action steps.

Why Does Your Sales Team Need Insights into Buyers’ Intent?

Reps who aren't getting a good read on their buyers’ mind may endanger the entire sales forecast for their organization!

Here are some benefits of having insights into your buyer’s intent:

  • Understand what motivates your customers and what decision-making process they go through while making a purchase. 
  • Determine whether and when a potential customer is actively thinking about or looking to buy your products/services. 
  • Anticipate a customer's next move, such as whether they would buy, sell, discontinue using, or suggest a product. 
  • Identify additional products or integrations that would benefit your clients to meet their demands in advance.
  • Reduce churn by determining how and when consumers communicate with other businesses and whether they could be considering switching vendors.

How Does Aviso Analyze Buyers’ Intent?

At Aviso, we use a variety of AI techniques to help account executives drive direct interactions with customers, understand their intent and win more deals faster.

Aviso’s conversational intelligence makes every sales interaction count by analyzing the implicit and explicit signals buyers send on every call, email, and meeting. 

For text analysis, Aviso sifts through a large number of documents or conversations, such as emails, calls, and texts, to find out new information or answer specific questions. Aviso’s robust machine learning algorithms perform text analysis for different components such as intent topics, keywords and competitor mentions to analyze buyers’ sentiment. 

For subtext analysis, Aviso leverages some of the most well-known research projects on nonverbal communication — Mehrabian Rule and Pinocchio Effect. Our AI detects the nuances of nonverbal communication by analyzing facial expression, gestures, tone inflection, and pitch to identify buyers’ key moments and engagement level.

Instead of merely detecting primary emotional states such as happiness, anger, and sadness, our AI identifies subtle emotions appearing in everyday human and computer interactions. Natural language processing (NLP) reveals hidden cues and provides insights into what is causing a particular emotion during a call. This helps determine how the way of speaking affects the deal, when the customer is delighted or bored, and what the improvement areas are.

Buyer intent analysis can be a game-changer in sales. When sales reps get insights into how buyers are responding (verbally and nonverbally) to questions like next steps, budget, timelines, they use these to prepare for the follow-on conversations and eventually close deals faster.

These insights also give sales leaders the opportunity to coach their reps better in handling buyers’ lies or objections.

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