FRI OCT 14 2022

Tina Phillips: Managing the Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

by Cheshta Dora

Tina Phillips, Partner, Deloitte Consulting

In a recent edition of Aviso’s Revenue Navigators Series, we had the opportunity to meet with Tina Phillips, Partner, Deloitte Consulting. Along with being a global partner of one of the most well-known and trusted consulting firms, Tina is also an advisor to Aviso AI. With her deep history of understanding and using CRM tools, we were thrilled to speak with Tina about her experience with using and being a part of Aviso.

Aviso: Can you share your career journey with us?

Tina Phillips: Ever since receiving my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, I have been a strategic problem solver. I started my career in manufacturing and supply chain for Johnson & Johnson before attending graduate school to receive an MBA. I have been a principal part of Deloitte for over eight years across multiple international headquarters. After nearly a decade of working abroad, I recognized a change in how U.S. businesses embrace information and intelligence technology. When I returned to the U.S., there was a new wave coming on the CRM front. I started the practice for Deloitte in At that point, it was quite small, but now it has grown into a global practice. My most recent focus has been on global digital transformation and engagement with many of Deloitte’s large multinational clients.

Aviso: What inspired you to join Aviso as an advisor and investor?

Tina Phillips: There were multiple factors contributing to my decision to be a part of Aviso’s journey. I think Aviso has come out quickly as a market leader with its current product and the road map it has ahead. I was impressed with the strong technical team backing the technology system, and to see the boundaries being pushed of what is possible with revenue intelligence.

As a veteran consultant in the industry, I have seen my clients struggle with traditional data warehouses. With the time-consuming process of data input, confusion about the user interface, and lack of insights to guide essential business decisions, a market hole was created. When I first learnt about Aviso I was very impressed to see the client testimonials talk about how it has really helped their business. This was another factor attributing to my belief and understanding of how Aviso is changing the way businesses look at CRM systems, and the value they are able to derive from such tools.

Another very important factor is [Aviso’s] leadership team. I have worked with Trevor [the CEO] on some groundbreaking engagements and known his track record. He has put his whole attention behind this and developed a team around him that is going to be a success. There is an A-list group of investors and advisors, and I feel very honored to be considered as part of the team.

Aviso: How can technology businesses intersect better with society through digital transformation?

For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has created fundamental changes in how a company can be profitable and successful in a remote or hybrid environment. I believe going forward, industries are going to have a different view of supply chain and organizational management. I think there's going to be a ripple effect throughout the organization that will help break down the organizational barriers.

Customers actually want a more end-to-end view of how you [as a company] serve them. They want you to have the marketing, the sales, the middle office, the service side, all working more as a team than in silos. The pandemic has changed all of our expectations about what is possible; whether it’s B2C or B2B, both corporations and individual customers are expecting more. People expect a very tailored experience, and I like the expression ‘bespoke for the billions’. I think tools, such as Aviso, will help provide companies with the opportunity to provide this bespoke nature in a more tailored way.

As seen at the World Economic Forum, businesses have the power and obligation to help solve some of the problems that much of the world is facing today. Whether taking sustainability actions to work towards ending the climate crisis or standing up to support social justice issues, corporate leaders have a platform to make a difference and set an example of what can be accomplished.


In this interview segment, Tine Phillips spoke about her career journey and reasons for joining Aviso as an advisor and an investor. She believes that with its strong technical team, real customer testimonials, and adaptive product advancement, Aviso is consistently pushing the boundaries of AI used across sales channels and networks. There is a high demand for Aviso’s products by customers who want a centralized, cohesive format of data for revenue intelligence. The success is rooted in the leadership team of executives, investors, and advisors shaping the future of Aviso.

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