Honeywell transforms digital selling with Integrated Revenue Intelligence and innovations from Aviso

Honeywell transforms digital selling with <span class='uk-text-primary'>Integrated Revenue Intelligence</span> and innovations from Aviso
15+ year old global leader in industrial automation, technology and manufacturing operating in across 200 countries
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Finally someone has figured out how to build a platform that serves two masters; Reps & Managers. At Honeywell both get tremendous value from Aviso AI.

Charles Forsgard
Global SVP of Sales, Honeywell

Honeywell operates across multiple global teams and manages a complex revenue process with Aviso AI

Challenges Faced

  • Disconnected CRM instances maintained across business units
  • Challenges in predicting short and long-term deals and opportunity performance with high accuracy
  • Lack of real-time deal insights
  • Overspending on under utilized CRM licenses, ineffective call recording tools

Solution Provided

  • Unified forecasting with roll-ups for managers across complexity of different teams and businesses
  • Customized solution through incorporation of bespoke columns and hierarchies
  • Persona based nudges to win more deals
  • Sentiment and Intent based Conversational Intelligence captured in workflow from calls, web meetings, emails

Benefits for Honeywell

Honeywell operates across multiple global teams and manages a complex revenue process.

Estimated topline one-year benefit of $100M+ and CRM cost savings of $1M+

Key sales processes integrated onto a single sales AI platform

“Single pane of glass” solution providing real-time business insight to every user

Significant increase in virtual customer encounters and pipeline activity

With improved forecast accuracy, sales managers and leaders shifted their focus from forecasting and reporting to team building and better coaching

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