Ivanti Streamlines Sales Processes With Aviso

Company: Ivanti
Founded In: 1985
Headquarters: South Jordan, Utah, U.S.
Employees: 3,100
Industry: IT Security, IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, Unified Endpoint Management, Identity Management, and Supply Chain Management
Ivanti <span class='uk-text-primary'>Streamlines Sales Processes</span> With Aviso

Ivanti’s Need For A Revenue Operations And Intelligence (RO&I) Platform

Ivanti embarked upon a consolidation project to integrate data from its multiple Salesforce instances to streamline all its sales business processes. They were also facing performance issues (such as disconnected CRM instances and manual forecast rollups) with their previous provider. So, as part of the transformation, there was a need for a tool that could perform robust forecasting, deal management, and activity management.

The business divisions in Ivanti had a complex forecasting process that was earlier mainly done using MS Excel by combining data from multiple sources including Salesforce, and other ad-hoc reports. On top of that, the forecasting needs of sales leadership were slightly different from the needs of business units. There was also a need to be able to forecast on different pivots like region, overlays, etc.

Challenges Faced By Ivanti

Before using Aviso, Ivanti was facing numerous challenges such as:
  • Multiple disconnected instances of Salesforce CRM acquired over time
  • Manual forecast rollup with XLS & PPT
  • Scattered data across CRM and various spreadsheets
  • Lack of deal insights into opportunities and activities
  • Complex hierarchy requirements

Partnership With Aviso: All-In-One Platform

Ivanti wanted a tool that could improve their sales productivity, reduce overall IT costs, and provide real-time deal intelligence. Ivanti identified and chose Aviso AI as the platform that could implement all their requirements through its single pane of glass revenue model.

“Everything is on the Aviso platform. No more spreadsheets. No more daily phone calls. We can see pipeline, opportunities, deal insights 24/7 — everything. Our reps focus on what matters most - their customers. We tell everyone to not make any sort of slides; simply walk us through your deals in Aviso.”

Al Arun
Chief Customer Officer, Ivanti
Aviso helped Ivanti at a crucial time of their organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. Before choosing Aviso, Ivanti had a few objectives in mind to achieve. Its sales reps needed a tool that could enable them to help their customers find and sell the right product. They wanted to accurately predict forecasted sales in a way that didn’t involve their sellers spending a lot of time entering mass amounts of customer data in forecasting tools. Their sales reps also required a single platform to streamline sales decisions as multiple CRM systems are time-consuming and confusing.

How Aviso Enabled Ivanti With Single Pane of Glass for Deal Intelligence?

Given the acquisitive nature of Ivanti for inorganic type growth, one of the biggest challenges they constantly faced organically was how quickly their IT teams could react to the needs arising within the field. Ivanti faced several disconnected instances of Salesforce CRM (SFDC) and its data was scattered across multiple spreadsheets. Ivanti did manual forecast rollups using MS Excel and Powerpoint that often resulted in stale and error-prone data, in addition to being a time-consuming process. Ivanti also faced a lack of deal insights into opportunities and activities, along with complex hierarchy and drill-down requirements.

They needed to consolidate their separate SFDC instances (Pulse Secure, Cherwell, and Ivanti) into a single pane of glass. Aviso helped them display objects like accounts, opportunities, quotes from different SFDC instances in a single view with integrated email, calendar, support, and call recordings data. In addition, Aviso provided support for AI-driven deal and pipeline reviews across different SFDC instances; and support for different forecasting processes within and across different instances (net new, renewal, services, churn). Ivanti also received the ability to forecast for different measures (ARR, consumption) and AI-driven forecasts for products, geography, sellers, and deal type.

Aviso helped Ivanti with multiple small but important tasks such as creating contacts in SFDC accounts based on email, creating tasks and activities from email and calendar, and creating cases related to an account or opportunity. This gave Ivanti the ability to update fields and opportunities with writeback to opportunity-related fields. Aviso provided Ivanti with access to deal rooms with useful features such as chat messaging, sharing files, managing to-dos, sending and receiving emails, and conversational intelligence (CI). The CI provided recording and transcription of calls that summarize and generate highlights of the deal room calls with AI insights into areas of concern, and post-call summary and actions. The deal room functionality was applied to all the types of War Rooms such as Forecasting, Coaching, and Collaboration rooms, along with the ability to integrate with commercial collaboration platforms like Zoom and MS Teams.

Aviso also offered data enrichment capabilities to Ivanti that included AI-driven insights from multiple sources (CRM, email, etc.) and the ability to identify missing SFDC contacts and add/update contact details. This gave Ivanti the ability to read from the SFDC hierarchy and add/move/remove users and teams; and also support hierarchy based on SFDC attributes such as geography and product type.

Aviso also provided Ivanti with real-time deal intelligence. Aviso focused on delivering timely business insight to sales leadership, managers, and sales reps. This enabled them to track all sales activities and relationships in real-time and make course corrections.

“What I loved about Aviso was how easy and simple it was to pull data from disparate CRM systems, in a consistent manner that made sense for us to look at, analyze the data and come up with accurate forecasts. Aviso took away a lot of the heavy lifting from our IT organization. That was impressive!”

Al Arun
Chief Customer Officer, Ivanti
Aviso also provided Ivanti with mobile capabilities for iOS and Android devices that included the ability to submit forecasts on mobile, and update key SFDC opportunity fields through mobile. By using Aviso AI across different business units, Ivanti has been able to get an integrated analytical view of their entire business.

The Results (Benefits)

Ivanti has always been at the forefront of innovation, and now it is transforming how its sales teams work with Aviso to get better visibility into customer needs. The partnership provides Ivanti an edge by using AI-powered insights that help them make more informed decisions. Sales teams at Ivanti are blazing the trail for other companies to make a similar switch from other vendors towards a true AI-based predictive revenue intelligence like Aviso.

Here’s what Ivanti experienced when Aviso applied AI guided selling and revenue forecasting to their sales processes:
  • “Single pane of glass” solution providing real-time deal intelligence
  • Integrated analytical view of entire business and opportunities pipeline
  • Increase in sales rep productivity which allowed for more focus on customer engagement
  • Significant reduction in IT costs

    With improved forecast accuracy and real-time deal intelligence, Ivanti's sales managers and leaders are able to shift their focus from forecasting and managing data. Now they can build customer relationships with more confidence knowing that the AI will provide them guidance on how best to perform at both global and regional levels.

    Aviso also supports Ivanti with flexibility and speed by providing support for complex business processes around sales without any unnecessary changes to SFDC or any other underlying systems. To help Ivanti achieve cost efficiencies, Aviso analyzes SFDC usage and recommends cost-saving measures for removing non-core user licenses. Aviso also showcases the user experience of the non-core users in the platform and provides ROI related to efficiencies gained. It also shows Ivanti the topline growth due to the use of AI and improved sales process.

    How to create a Single Pane of Glass for Revenue Operations

    About Aviso

    Aviso is the AI-guided Revenue Operating System that provides sales and go-to-market teams a single pane of glass to accelerate growth, win more deals, and reduce risk. Aviso AI delivers integrated revenue intelligence for all Go-to-Market team members, drives team-wide actions and course corrections, and enables AI augmentation to help sales teams reduce the burden of CRM.
    With demonstrated results across Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as Honeywell, NetApp, Seagate, Elastic, Armis, Ivanti, RingCentral, and Marlin Equity Partners, Aviso works at the frontier of AI applications across deep learning, speech recognition, decision management, and computer vision.

    Aviso's AI has generated over 350 billion insights, analyzed $400B in the pipeline, and helped customers win $164B in deals across customers. By using Aviso, sales teams close 20% more deals with 98%+ accuracy and can reduce CRM cost burden by up to 30%. Aviso is backed by Storm Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Shasta Ventures, and leading Silicon Valley and global technology investors.
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