Guide Deal Progression with Timely AI Interventions

Aviso’s Deal Guidance focuses on providing all the key members of a deal team from C-level,  managers, and reps with timely business insights to identify and engage target personas better, track activities and relationships in real-time, and guide course corrections. 

Weekly Compass

Aviso helps different roles in a revenue organization get their own version of an executive briefing report that visually summarizes progress on key areas, anomalies on anchor deals, and specific actions that individuals can take to move deals forward to a successful close. These insights and recommendations can also include:

Flag if the listed amount is likely to change by a large amount before closing Recommend Amount (based on Product/Account) for writeback when current amount field is null or zero Recommend higher / lower discount as compared to similar opportunities that won Flag large opportunities that could be “fat fingered” for e.g. wrong currency impacting forecast Recommend cross-sell  and upsell products, based on current products in quote or at account

Activity & Relationship Intelligence

One of the biggest limitations of CRM is that it is a lagging indicator of deal activity. Real deal activity lives in emails, calendar meetings and calls. Aviso Activity Intelligence and Relationship Maps provides forensics across actual rep activities to bridge the gap between deal actions and revenue outcomes.

Specifically, it helps deep dive into individual deals to see deal history, scheduled meetings, most and least engaged contacts, contact relationship map, and deal interactions over time. Aviso’s time-series database allows teams to look at rep and team activity as additional leading indicators to help both improve forecast accuracy and deal guidance.

ICP Targeting

Having exhausted an existing pipeline, a major pain point across teams is sourcing new opportunities to meet sales targets. Aviso’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) helps teams identify targets better among a sea of prospects. We use proprietary AI techniques to find the right prospects with the highest chance of conversion to opportunities, detect patterns in the selling process, discover untapped upsell opportunities, and find dormant accounts to target.

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