Answer your Hardest Revenue Questions with Confidence

Aviso’s out of box reports and extensible reporting framework enables CROs

and operations leaders to visually inspect across their revenue cycle, from pipeline

and opportunities to customer interactions and engagement, and forecast and attainment.

Pipeline Intelligence Reports

Aviso’s Pipeline Intelligence reports demonstrate how historical, current, and projected pipeline have, are, or are on track to progressing. Leaders can learn how the pipeline has evolved over time throughout the quarter and understand the quality of current and future pipeline. Teams can also compare historical pipeline progress during different time periods to glean insight into how different deals or other factors affect pipeline contribution.

Deal & Account Intelligence Reports

Aviso’s Deals & Accounts reports highlight how your quarter is progressing in terms of sales linearity and sales funnel, and win-loss analysis. Managers can keep up to date on rep activity on the specific deals. Operations teams can understand the customer base better with churn rate reports and early-churn signals based on account relationship intelligence.

Interaction & Engagement Reports

Aviso’s Interactions & Engagement reports allow sales leadership to dive further into sales activities across deals, teams, specific roles, and account engagement. By syncing with your CRM, email, and calendar, these reports surface key insights regarding your sales team’s progress towards revenue goals.

Historical Forecast & Attainment Reports

Aviso’s Historical Forecast & Attainment reports draw from your company’s unique historical sales and customer data to provide intelligence on how your forecast has evolved over time and if the plan at the beginning of the quarter has, historically, actually been attained at the end of the quarter.

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