How much true ROI can your business generate from using AI?

Use the calculator below to simulate the business value you could produce for your GTM teams with Aviso’s revenue intelligence platform. Enter your current metrics below, and we’ll calculate the projected annual benefits you will see, including impact on both revenue and costs.

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Revenue Benefits

Improved Quota Attainment Rate:$1,575,000
Increased Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate:$1,344,000
Improved Win-Loss Ratio:$1,575,000
Reduced Sales Cycle Time:$1,598,985
Increased Sales Through Improved Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Rate:$300,000
Improve revenue by improving Sales rep performance gaps:$787,500
Increase in Sales Productive Capacity from more efficient Coaching meetings:$425,676

Cost Benefits

Increased Sales Staff Productivity:$50
Reduced New Sales Rep Ramp Up Time:$25
Reduced total cost of ownership:$25