WED JUN 01 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates - May 2022

by Sriram Kothandaraman

For the month of May, we focused on enhancing and optimizing the Aviso engine, so that it is turbocharged in performance and functionality to serve you well. We also kickstarted some exciting developments in relationship and conversational intelligence that are set to release in June (stay tuned for the June month-end roundup). 

This product update includes activity mapping to opportunities, tracking key executives contacted in a deal cycle, and a new reports dashboard. 

Product Release Highlights

1. Email and Meeting Data Mapping to Opportunities

What is it?

Aviso can now sync your activity and interaction data into a connected CRM and associate it directly with your opportunities.

Why is it important?

Before this update, reps struggled to keep multiple tabs open to understand who they are connected with, what was spoken during the call, and how the call went. Interaction and activity data associated with respective opportunities right inside the CRM can enable reps to quickly inspect how often they’ve been reaching out through emails, or scheduling meetings with prospects.

How does it help?

Reps can contextually get an idea of interaction data points with respect to a specific opportunity. Moreover, leaders can inspect these data points themselves and help reps course correct.

2. Engagement-Over-Time Graph Executives Engaged 

What is it?

Understanding the level of engagement and key stakeholders involved in a deal is a necessary component to avoid flying blind in any sales cycle. Aviso’s Engagement-Over-Time graph enables reps and leaders to understand how activity and relationship touchpoints are trending week-over-week. Users get a visual representation of the number of emails sent and received, files shared, meetings set up, and next steps recorded.

Why is it important?

Executives have a major stake in making the purchase decision, and hence touching base with them on a regular cadence plays a major part in winning a deal. When reps connect with enough relevant decision-makers, they gain a well-rounded understanding of the issues their prospects’ companies face. Reps also become cognizant of what exactly their product needs to do in order to solve these problems. With this update, reps and managers now get to see account-specific interactions with executives and key decision-makers.

How does it help?

Knowing hurdles in the right context and from the right people allows reps to align the selling process and demos with the prospects' requirements effectively.

Aviso’s Engagement-Over-Time now tracks and displays useful details like the name of the executive, the number of interactions reps have had with a particular executive and a timeline of how the interaction trends every week.

3. Reports Dashboard

What is it?

Aviso generates 25+ reports across forecasting, pipeline, activity, and conversational intelligence. The reports dashboard collects and displays every available report, so that sales reps, sales managers, and sales leaders can quickly review the key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep a tab on them in a centralized place.

Why is it important?

Report dashboards help leaders save time that is otherwise spent hunting around for various sales reports. Aviso’s report dashboard generates visual reports not only for revenue forecasts and pipeline but also for org-wide activity and meeting performance.

How does it help? 

The reports inside Aviso leverage AI to generate deep insights that are pulled from historical data. These reports offer accurate predictions for future performance and reveal larger sales trends within sales cycles. The reports dashboard provides sales leaders with a unified view of what's happening inside their sales organization and brings all data across forecast, pipeline, activity, and conversation into one single pane. 

If you’re an Aviso customer, you might’ve already received a notification about these updates. Talk with your success manager to learn more about these new features and see how you can leverage them to the fullest. If you aren’t a customer yet, talk with our team now to see a demo of Aviso.

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