WED OCT 12 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates – September 2022

by Noel Abhishek

As we close the second quarter in FY 2022, we at Aviso are thrilled to announce several exciting updates on our AI-based Revenue Operating Platform. September 2022 Aviso Platform updates that enable a single pane of glass view include, RingCentral integration, easier navigation to user guides, a simpler understanding of pipeline analytics, and many more – that you might want to keep an eye on!

Product Release Highlights

Simpler View of Pipeline Analytics

Earlier sales leaders were struggling to identify the category in which deals were. The new UI-Uplift enables comprehensive categorization of all individual pipelines and deals + amount won. This allows for an easy understanding of pipeline analytics.

New Pipeline Dashboard


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Customizable Adaptive Metrics

Each team has a set of metrics that it monitors. These metrics could be at the product or service levels. Aviso’s new Adaptive Metrics combine two or more existing metrics to create a new singular metric, such as Annualized Churn, Net Expansion, etc. These new metrics are represented in tabular format for easier consumption. Adaptive Metrics can be customized at any level and are different from standard metrics displayed on the dashboard.

Here are all the revenue metrics you should be tracking.

Snapshot of Adaptive Metrics

Adaptive Metrics also have ready answers for prompts such as:

  • Does our late-stage pipeline coverage meet our current quarter forecast?
  • Is there a right product mix in the pipeline?
  • At what rate is the sales team closing deals?

Improved WinScore Analysis

We’ve now included two new parameters of analysis to generate a better WinScore. The additions are ‘Next Steps and ‘Comments.’ These additions, along with the existing parameters, such as time spent in various deal stages, time left in the current quarter, and current close date, allow for superior WinScore projections and better explanations.

WinScore Threshold

Get a complete understanding of WinScore analysis here.

Native RingCentral Call Integration

Aviso now has a native call integration with RingCentral along with Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams. This integration allows users to schedule calls natively through the Aviso platform.

See the exhaustive list of our integrations here.

Doc360 Integration

A robust platform like Aviso, with over 50 integrations, requires detailed product documentation, walkthroughs, and troubleshooting documents. To solve this challenge, we’ve leveraged Doc360 to help users understand the nuances of every integration and the platform itself.

Users can now read through detailed articles to understand aspects, such as “Getting Started with Aviso” to “Steps required to integrate data systems”, etc. Users can access this information via the ‘Help’ button located in the profile section.

User Profile Snapshot

Info (i) Button

Similar to the explanation of WinScore analysis, we’ve now added the info (i) button for an explanation of specific column headers. This allows users to simply hover over to gain a quick understanding of each column.

To know more about these product enhancements and see the Aviso platform in action, schedule a free demo here.