THU MAR 02 2023

Aviso's Deal Pull-In Model To Meet Your Sales Quota With Ease

by Bithika Bishesh

As a sales professional, you're no stranger to the pressure of hitting your quarterly targets. The pressure to hit those numbers can be overwhelming, especially when you're only focused on the deals in the current quarter. By focusing solely on the ongoing deals, you may be missing out on potential opportunities from future quarters that could help you achieve your sales quota

So what if we told you that there's a way to identify future deals that could be won in the current quarter and increase your chances of success? 

That's where Aviso's Deal Pull-In Model comes in.

In this blog, we'll explore how this model works and can help sales reps like you achieve their sales quota.

Aviso’s Deal Pull-In Model

Aviso’s Pull-In model is an innovative and advanced predictive analytics tool that provides sales reps with accurate and data-driven insights into their sales pipeline. The model uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and predict the likelihood of future deals that can be successfully converted in the current quarter. This helps sales reps meet and exceed their quarterly sales quota.

The model takes into account multiple factors, including data extracted from CRM fields, as well as various deal progression signals such as stage movements, time required to clear remaining stages, changes in deal amount, and the owner's past pull-in history on deals of similar type and size. By analyzing these factors, the model generates a Pull-In score that represents the probability of a deal being pulled into the current quarter and getting closed as won.

The Pull-In score is a crucial metric that helps sales teams manage pipeline and prioritize their efforts and focus on deals that are most likely to close within the given time frame.

How Aviso's Pull-In Model Helps Sellers

Aviso's Pull-In model provides 80-85% precision in predicting the probability of winning a future deal in the current quarter. 

This means that if the model calls for 10 future deals to be pulled in and won in the current quarter, 8 of those 10 deals are correctly identified. By correctly identifying potential pull-ins, sales reps can re-evaluate their sales strategy for future quarters and adjust their approach accordingly. Here are some ways in which Aviso’s Pull-In model can help sales representatives.

  • Identify potential revenue opportunities: Reduces the risk of missing out on potential revenue opportunities by identifying future deals that might otherwise be overlooked or not given enough attention.
  • Improve sales productivity: Increases sales productivity and efficiency by helping sales reps manage their time and resources better and avoid wasting time on deals that are unlikely to close in the current quarter.
  • Accelerate win rate: Increases win rate and reduces deal cycle times by helping sales reps identify the most promising deals.   
  • Make better sales strategies: Enables sales reps to make data-driven decisions based on predictive analytics, rather than relying on intuition or guesswork, leading to more effective and efficient sales strategies.
  • Manage pipeline more effectively: Provides clear visibility into the sales pipeline allowing reps to proactively inspect the pipeline health for current and future quarters, anticipate potential issues, and take corrective action.


In the world of sales, attaining sales quota and managing quality sales pipeline are crucial as they determine the success of a sales professional. However, achieving these targets can be a challenging task for sales reps, especially if they do not have the right tools and resources at their disposal. 

Aviso's Pull-In Model provides a solution to this problem by leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms to identify deals from future quarters that can be won in the present quarter. It's a tool that every sales rep should have in their arsenal to maximize revenue.

Give Aviso's pull-in model a try, book a demo with Aviso now.