TUE AUG 30 2022

Single Pane of Glass Revenue Platform for Boosting Productivity

by Vinayak Moitra

Multiple apps and point solutions are overwhelming and often result in disengaged employees, never mind causing them to be even less productive than they usually can be. 

Studies show that the majority of teams in the SaaS industry nowadays use about 40-60 apps, with a few outliers here and there.   

Multiple apps lead to low productivity because:

  • Sellers get fatigued and frustrated
  • Sellers’ workflow gets disrupted
  • Onboarding sellers on all the apps takes a lot of time
  • Sellers get distracted often from their core tasks
  • Sellers’ experience is not seamless across the apps

Imagine having to write notes in one notebook and read the same notes from another notebook. For a single subject, you might be able to vest your time if that is really necessary but imagine how much frustration it causes when there are ten other subjects for which you have to do the same. 

All GTM personas must be more fiercely productive for hyper revenue growth-focused organizations.

The Implications of Multiple Point Solutions on Revenue

All GTM personnel, especially sales, often find themselves buried between multiple communication streams and company reporting tools. Many of these are given to them to boost their productivity. 

Unfortunately, this results in up to an hour of wasted time per day with the rep having to switch between multiple platforms. These platforms, more often than not, can be interlinked with a simple array of API signals behind the scenes.

In a hyper-growing mid-sized organization (let's say revenue between $50M - $100M) , an average performing sales rep brings in close to $720k worth of business which translates to around $350 per working hour of revenue earned per rep. So, losing an hour of revenue earned per rep might impact the company by almost $105k ($350 scaled up by 300 working days per year) of unearned annual revenue, which otherwise could have been realized easily.  

The above $105k results in a total sunk cost of approximately $5.2 million for a mid-sized company’s sales team with an average strength of around 50 sales reps. 

This simple process and operational bottleneck of working with multiple systems and platforms for day-to-day activities impact the organization by almost 5-10% of its annual unrealized revenue. 

But we are not just talking about finances here. The frustrations and mental fatigue this causes reps are difficult to quantify yet severely impact their talent and business outcomes that they bring to their team and the organization in a broader sense.

A Single Pane of Glass for All GTM Touchpoints

Aviso believes in and operates on the Single Pane of Glass philosophy for sales and revenue technology. Single pane of glass is something that Aviso very passionately boasts about. Aviso’s unique ability to gather data from sources like calendars, emails, multiple CRM instances, and even external sources like news feeds gives GTM teams a whole new way of seeing their customers in a single view. 

Aviso’s Single Pane of Glass Platform Architecture

Aviso’s single pane of glass platform for revenue operations and intelligence equips sales reps to do all of the following and much more from a single platform without juggling between 5-10 different windows and screens: 

  • Research and be alert to customer press releases
  • Get qualified stakeholders and contacts to reach out to 
  • Have marketing and digital traffic be redirected suitable for the buyer group to warm the leads
  • Collect and present deal insights to your GTM teams and use it to plan action steps in closing deals 
  • Collaborate cross-functionally on deals with other GTM teams to ensure both the buyer and seller have the best-in-class experience when closing deals.

A single pane of glass platform is a game-changing weapon for organizations due to its impact on productivity, efficiency, and overall performance across all GTM team members, specifically revenue-generating personnel. Aviso has established itself as a leader in this technology, particularly advocated through some key customer feedback, such as:

“Aviso closes the loop from forecasting, deal intelligence and conversational insights to sales coaching all within the same platform” - VP, Digital Virtual Sales, NetApp

Eliminate unnecessary tools Aviso replaces your entire set of revenue intelligence point solutions. Get rid of all CRM licenses that aren’t being used” - SVP, Revenue, LaunchDarkly

If you want to try Aviso’s single pane of glass for your team, do reach out to schedule a demo with us.