THU JUN 18 2020

WFH vs WFHDP: How Aviso is using Aviso to Manage Work in Pandemic Time

by Amit Pande

Optimizing for Working Remotely In the New Normal   This post isn’t about how to Work from Home better using Zoom or Slack. Rather, it is a peek into our experience of how to run an entire business remotely during a crisis, using our own tool. In this blog post we share how Aviso’s platform has helped us manage during this crisis period. Pandemic time is unlike anything we’ve seen. It isn’t just about Working from Home (WFH) as a team; it is about Working from Home during a Pandemic (WFHDP), an entirely different issue. We’re now living in a default-digital society, the strength of which depends on our ability to maintain communication in a different way than pre-pandemic times when more often than not, you could simply walk over to a person in an office and resolve an issue. Beyond just video and messaging for water-cooler conversations, we need new tools that can help us deal with the intensity of 100% remote work while all companies deal with the same. Purpose-built tools can mitigate risk and maintain our working flow amidst external chaos. Using the Aviso platform - including our new beta features - has been crucial to our continued success in collaboration, visibility, and accountability to our goals, and team-specific actions. How Aviso uses Aviso to integrate GTM and Product   We aspire to a 1Aviso philosophy, where Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Product, Data Science, Design, QA teams, as well as our external agencies and partners all work towards a 1Aviso common goal of serving our customers better. Sales Team Just like other sales teams, our global sales team relies on lots of data collection and analysis to make better decisions about turning prospects into customers and growing our accounts. They also rely extensively on collaboration with other team members to succeed. Their success depends on accurately forecasting their number and managing deals in play with speed and rigor. We do this with our own instance of Aviso AI. Here are just three ways our sales team uses Aviso:
  • Monday morning forecast calls with Aviso Forecasting help us understand how we are tracking week over week towards our targets and gives visibility and transparency across the entire sales pipeline and so we can take action early in the quarter.
  • Weekly deal reviews between managers and reps to investigate specific activity within deals with Aviso Activity Intelligence. Managers boost lower-performing reps with insights into the behaviors of top performers.
  • Timely email and mobile nudges to deliver insights that can be acted upon immediately
Marketing Team Our marketing team uses tools like Aviso to communicate faster, compress hierarchies, and maintain transparency. Our success is dependent on our ability to collaborate across content, demand, and design efforts virtually. Using the Aviso platform has been important in their ability to strategize, write, implement, design, communicate, and move quickly together. Here are the areas in which using the Aviso platform is essential for our marketing team:
  • With global demand sinking due to the crisis, rebuilding lost pipelines is of incredible importance to marketing. More advanced AI features like pipeline analytics provide insight into the strength of the funnel while relationship intelligence aids ABM efforts.
  • With CRM updates being less reliable than usual during the pandemic, email and calendar activities are good leading indicators of actual deal activity. Marketing and Sales Operations use Aviso’s Activity & Relationship Intelligence capabilities to evaluate and support deal engagement.
  Customer Success Team Our customer success team needs software to enable remote communication with customers, internal teams, and company stakeholders. Their success is dependent on quick response time, insights into customer issues, and the ability to increase adoption and retention rates. Here are some ways the Aviso platform helps our customer success team:
  • Resolving customer issues and driving product adoption is made easy with collaboration features such as chat, video, screen sharing, and file sharing and annotating. Rich conversation streams between customers and customer success become much easier.
  • Customer support in real time is enabled through real-time collaboration internally between support engineers, data scientists, and customer success teams.
  • Chat, video chat, and screen sharing are used for replicating in-person collaboration efforts. File sharing and annotating is key for efficient feedback loops regarding customer content and design.
  Product Team Our internal use of Aviso continues with our Product and Platform Team. We not only record all our internal team calls with Aviso, we also use AI Transcription features to summarize meetings and feedback. Using these insights, the product and design team can derive what prospects are truly looking for in a tool to solve their problems and it informs product roadmap development. Here are some ways our product team uses Aviso:
  • Our product team includes sales engineers, who serve as the bridge between the go-to-market and engineering side of Aviso. Our sales engineers work with architecture teams to adapt product functionality towards new customer requirements.
  • The product team uses the go-to-market teams’ inputs as Customer Zero for new design ideas, testing and improvement purposes utilizing the same chat, video, and file sharing in Aviso’s Digital WarRooms that are used to run other sales processes.
Interested in using AI during WFHDP? To help other companies during this time of crisis, we’re offering our AI platform for free for 90 days. We hope you and your team can use Aviso like we are to communicate more effectively.