Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence helps sales teams analyze what happened on sales interactions with buyers, and get a deeper understanding of how to optimize rep performance.

This involves
Recording, analyzing, and transcribing sales calls Creating snippets and playlists of calls for future reference
Spotlighting rep weaknesses and buyer engagement using a wide array of KPIs

Conversational Intelligence helps reps go back to the drawing board and look at past calls, what mistakes were made and what topics (such as key features, pricing, competition) are top priorities for the buyer.

While managers get insights into whether reps listened empathetically to buyers on call ( as opposed to product-talk), what key concepts were discussed, and the next steps set to push the deal forward.

The most important reason why Conversational Intelligence is critical in today’s economic climate is because the old adage of more=more in sales isn't working anymore. More calls do not necessarily equate to success on a deal.

Rather, the key is to focus on making better calls- setting the right frame and context, understanding buyer pains and criteria deeper, highlighting relevant benefits and using objections to your advantage rather than fighting to ‘overcome’ them.

While most conversational intelligence solutions focus on simplistic tracking of rep KPIs, the most advanced solutions leverage NLP and Deep Learning to uncover buyer emotion, sentiment and true purchase intent to help you focus on the most winnable deals.

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