AI for Sales

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming a mainstay in the tech stack of sales teams. Be it simpler solutions like scoring prospects who turn hot or more sophisticated workflows involving revenue forecasting, sales teams are fast replacing manual processes with artificial intelligence that helps them spot trends, patterns and anomalies in their sales data.

This in turn helps teams create accurate projections, predict deal close rates, analyze buyer-seller interactions and take the Right-Next-Step for every deal in their pipeline.

With the current economic downturn in mind, sellers can often get lost in their own bias, which in turn affects the quality of data in their CRM.

This puts sales teams between a rock and a hard place: reps chase deals that are unlikely to close while winnable ones slip through the cracks. While managers find their forecasts shooting off-target and struggle to explain why.

Artificial Intelligence helps sales teams work with accurate insights through pulling omni-channel customer data (not just rep self-reporting in CRM), and using historical data to show teams what has changed, WHY, and what steps they need to take in order to hit their numbers.

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