Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

A quarterly business review is a meeting you have with your clients to assess how well you are contributing to their success. It's an opportunity to show ROI, establish a more personal connection with your clients, and advance the goals of your business all at once.

Additionally, QBRs provide you with a clear 90-day timeline to work with, allowing you to use precise dates to drive particular deliverables.

Quarterly business reviews highlight new ways to help customers in meeting their objectives, reveal risks and opportunities that you are prepared to address, assure customer satisfaction, and keep engagements on schedule and on track to fulfil agreed-upon KPIs.

It’s an important part of any customer success program since it guarantees a continuous discussion about the value the vendor is providing and, when implemented properly, may guarantee a smooth renewal process.

This helps in building trust, which strengthens your relationship with the customer.

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