Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence is defined as the process of collecting, collating and analyzing data across disparate sources such as CRM, emails, calls, meetings and ticketing systems with the purpose of surfacing insights that guide sales teams to understand buyers deeper, win more deals and forecast accurately. Revenue Intelligence can be effectively realized only when sales teams realize the inadequacy of CRM as a source of truth, and instead look to create a holistic picture of deals using buyer-seller interactions and their impact on the forecast. A key aspect of Revenue Intelligence is going beyond merely analyzing individual action items such as deals, conversations, activities and forecasting scenarios, and instead fusing these data points together to create a seamless single pane of glass. The problem is that most tools that claim to do Revenue Intelligence today deliver insights on one aspect of revenue. This is akin to shattering a glass window, putting the pieces together with gum, and expecting a crystal-clear reflection of reality. Aviso is the only true single pane of glass for revenue teams, because it captures 100% of CRM and activity data from different sources and combines it with historical data to guide reps, managers and CROs from the same screen.

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