FRI JUL 01 2022

Aviso AI Product Updates - June-2022

by Sriram Kothandaraman

We have some exciting feature additions across activity, CI, and revenue intelligence capabilities, including a nifty feature to quickly access your top priority meetings and chats right from your Aviso homepage.

This month’s product update includes the ability to auto-tag meetings and emails to opportunities, support 30+ languages on-call through Aviso’s multilingual models, provide contextual ‘deals-at-risk’ insights inside the forecast explanations pop-up, get automated checklists through the AI-enabled ToDo feature that enables reps to be on top of their follow-ups.

Product Release Highlights

1. Auto-Tag Meetings, Emails, and Contact Roles to an Opportunity

What is it?

Through Aviso’s proprietary auto-population feature, users can scan contacts, emails, and calendars and automatically tag them to the respective contacts in CRM. With this update, all the email/calendar data associated with CRM contacts are automatically tagged to the opportunities in the user's CRM system of choice. Additionally, the role of contacts in the opportunity is logged into the CRM to enhance context. Users can also see the contact name and role in the engagement-over-time popup inside each deal. 

Why is it important?

This allows sellers to save time on updating contacts in the CRM or logging every customer-related activity and instead focus on high-value-generating work. 

How does it help?

Aviso’s contact auto-population helps sellers automatically log contact information and help maintain the CRM as a source of truth. This information will eventually flow to an account and opportunity object to which the contact is associated, and in the process create contact roles automatically for the opportunity.

Aviso’s engagement over time graph with roles, email body, and sentiment

2. Forecast Explanations: Deals-At-Risk of Missing Forecast 

What is it?

Aviso’s forecast engine not only enables teams to call their number (through real-time data, predictive insights, and a time-series database) and land within 2% of the forecast. It also offers forecast explanations to empower sales management to understand why the forecast score ascends or declines, and kickstarts proactive actions like opportunity reviews, target adjustment, planning sessions, etc.

With this update, teams can see the deals at risk of missing the forecast alongside the forecast insight explanations for segments or regions.

Why is it important?

It is critical because there can be several deals in a segment (renewal, up-sell, new) or a region which could lead to a time-drain during deal inspection if leadership is unaware of the exact deal that is pulling down the forecast score. 

How does it help?

  • Quickly helps leadership get on top of deals that are pulling down the forecast score, allowing them to swoop in with a fix and save a potentially risky deal.
  • Helps management and revenue frontlines understand the causes (overcommit, lack of pull-ins) that deviate forecast score from the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) score, paving way for better forecasting practices across the organization

Aviso contextual “At-Risk Deals” tab in the forecast explanations popup

3. Multilingual Capability Support

What is it?

Aviso is now able to analyze calls in 30 languages, transcribe non-English calls, and convert them into text from right within its CI module. Users can upload a recording or initiate the call from the platform, and Aviso will pick up on the most dominant language during transcription and initiates the multilingual model accordingly.

Users not only get the transcription of the language spoken but everything they would otherwise be able to get in Aviso’s CI module metrics like net sentiment score, speak level timelines, top keywords, timings, talk ratio, longest monologue, question rate, etc.

Why is it important

The world is multilingual. Every firm that aspires to be a global enterprise needs to think about making customers comfortable and at ease in making business decisions with their org. Moreover, serving customers in their native language will help companies crack new markets.

How does it help?

Aviso CI’s ability to analyze calls in 30+ languages especially helps sales teams of multinational corporations with clients all over the globe with smooth transcription and call analysis.

Aviso’s Multilingual transcription 

4. Top Channels and Upcoming Meetings

What is it?

Aviso now displays your most active channels and 1:1 discussions (called binders or embedded collaboration rooms) along with the top 5 upcoming meetings on the Aviso homepage.

Why is it important?

Amidst a pile of day-to-day tasks and meetings, it's important for reps to stay on top of critical deal discussions and prospect meetings.

How does it help?

  • Users know the meetings that are lined up without having to switch between different tabs to look at calendars, times that can otherwise be used to review deal-specific notes and pre-call prep. 
  • Joining the call, editing/canceling the call, and other actions can be taken from inside the Aviso platform, thanks to aviso’s integration with major video conferencing apps (Zoom, MS teams, RingCentral, etc.). 

Aviso’s Home Page with quick access to important channels and meetings

5. Integrating an AI-layer For the To-Do Feature

What is it?

Repetitive sales activities can take up more than 30% of a salesperson’s time. A simple way to optimize lost time is to review work performed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Aviso helps you prioritize the contacts and meetings to follow up with the To-Do functionality. The To-Do list includes contacts and meetings to follow up. Aviso tracks emails and meetings together in lists and reports to easily prioritize the seller’s time and enables them to stay abreast of their contacts and related opportunities.

With this update, we built an AI-layer into the feature to automate reminders on emails and meeting follow-ups and help organize interactions with prospects through separate email and call follow-up tabs. 

Why is it important?

To-dos are your actionable next steps that are pertinent to deal progress. Thus far these are populated as notes or “next steps” in a CRM field based on disparate information reps gauge from emails and meetings. Aviso’s NLP parses the email body and call recordings, understands keywords (i.e., follow-up to be done, sign contracts, etc.), and automatically creates To-Do’s for “contacts to follow-up” based on emails and “Meeting to follow-up” based on calls with prospects.

How does it help?

The sheer volume of interactions top-performing sales reps go through is high. Without proper data management or inspection, reps can miss the priority emails and meetings. With this functionality, the important information is automatically parsed and made available for the rep to leverage.

To-Do feature powered by Aviso’s AI

If you’re an Aviso customer, you might’ve already received a notification about these updates. Talk with your success manager to learn more about these new features and see how you can leverage them to the fullest. If you aren’t a customer yet, talk with our team now to see a demo of Aviso.

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