FRI NOV 18 2022

Build Your Digital Headquarters With Aviso To Boost Efficiency

by Bithika Bishesh

Just when organizations were recovering from the effects of the pandemic and adjusting to the hybrid world of work, the market volatility and looming recession are here to disrupt the economy and businesses again. To operate in today’s fast-changing market environment and business priorities, employees need to be flexible, nimble and workflows need to be efficient. 

So, with the rise of the virtual sales and digital hybrid workplace, providing employees with quick remote access to information has become indispensable.

A new kind of system is needed that is just as connected, unique, and efficient as the real office — a digital headquarter!

Aviso: An AI-Powered Digital HQ for Improved Efficiency

Digital headquarters are collaborative workplaces that automate tasks, integrate tools, optimize virtual collaboration, and provide a flexible work environment.

But how can companies configure a Digital Headquarter to increase efficiency and drive outcomes? 

They need a one-stop solution that breaks down communication silos by connecting teams, tools, and customers. And that’s what Aviso does.

Read on to find out more about the how Aviso can help you build an integrated and empowering experience for your buyers and sellers, allowing them to navigate and thrive in this gray rhino environment!

Virtual Collaboration to Break Communication Silos

Aviso leverages artificial intelligence to supercharge collaboration within sales teams on all levels of the revenue cycle. Aviso’s Digital WarRooms provide sales teams with an integrated and secure workspace where they can efficiently collaborate in a virtual set-up for deal, forecast, and coaching purposes. Sales and deal collaboration via our digital rooms is a lot more than just live meetings and chats. They create an intricate web of signaling between team members, external agencies, stakeholders, and customers in order to achieve goals.

Today’s hybrid and virtual sales teams deal with a multi-faceted sales cycle that requires them to identify key contacts and the hierarchy of relationships between decision-makers and contacts. With Aviso’s Org Charts, sellers can build relationships with the right contacts faster, customize pitches to each hierarchical level, and get the nod from decision-makers resulting in considerably shorter deal cycles. 

Workflow Automation to Increase Productivity

Sales reps can overcome the challenges posed by a hybrid selling environment through a set of tools that automate tasks and provide activity insights on a regular basis and nudges them to take timely action.

Aviso's role-based single pane of glass provides relevant and actionable insights through a set of automated notifications. Aviso’s AI-powered nudges provides custom notifications about deal risk, pipeline-health, next best actions, etc by tracking important stage-based sales metrics. These insights improve sales rep productivity and help prevent deal slippage by reminding users to act early and often.

Aviso’s AI also automates all the important and repetitive tasks in your CRM to streamline your processes and enhance productivity. We take care of everything from data enrichment to contact auto-population so that you don’t waste your time chasing down reps to do the manual entry. We can also read from and writeback to multiple instances of CRM across different CRMs.

Further, to ensure that everybody is aligned to a standard methodology where sales-stage-driven milestones and tasks are defined, we provide you with Action Plans. Aviso’s Action Plans help define, track, and align on sales stage milestones, enforce process adherence, discuss process discrepancies in collaboration rooms, and provide deal inspection at a glance. 

Platform Integration to Enhance Engagement

Data and technology integrations are crucial for streamlining a process or achieving a business goal across two or more systems. And yet, one of the most common concerns from business software customers today is the lack of integration.

Aviso integrates with top-selling tools to help you sell better and provide sales teams with a unified view of their engagement through a range of technologies. Our smart integrations include integrations with CRM, meetings, email, customer success providers, etc. This provides a complete, accurate, and secure view of what is going on in an organization by allowing the teams to execute more robust and detailed analyses.

And, if your organization is experiencing a data demand bottleneck from internal and external clients, a self-service analytics platform is just what you need. A self-service analytics platform can act as a single source of truth that breaks data silos with seamless connectivity to data sources.

Aviso’s self-service analytics help build more meaningful buyer relationships by empowering sellers with augmented analytics and generating actionable data-driven insights. With Aviso’s self-service analytics, users can get personalized insights and create custom dashboards, charts, and reports on the fly using natural language queries instead of using complex SQL queries. 

Finally, a major issue for businesses and organizations today is safeguarding proprietary information, which includes customer communications, financial transactions, knowledge archives, infrastructure, and databases.

Aviso is committed to the highest levels of data security and privacy, industry-specific regulatory compliance, and certification requirements.


Are you ready for the future of sales? A single pane of glass revenue operations and intelligence tool provides all the information any GTM member needs in one go — just as you would have in a physical workspace!

Digital headquarter is quickly becoming the industry standard, and leaders who fail to adopt this concept will be left behind.

Contact us today to see how we can support the growth of your new hybrid workplace.