THU FEB 23 2023

4 Tips Sellers Can Use For Effective Multi-Threaded Conversations

by Bithika Bishesh

Multi-threaded conversations in sales involve engaging multiple decision-makers and key contacts within the target account to drive better deal outcomes and improve buyer-seller relationships. 

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This blog focuses on the actionable tips for sales professionals looking to build multi-threaded relationships. From leveraging multiple channels to creating personalized experiences, we'll show you how to create a multi-threaded conversation strategy that sets you apart from the competition and wins you more business.

Tips for Effective Multi-Threading

Although multi-threading is intuitive and beneficial, implementing this sales approach and executing on it can be overwhelming for sellers. Here is a list of tried and tested tips sellers can use for multi-threading effectively. We have also laid out the associated challenges sellers might face and the Aviso’s capabilities they can leverage to implement multi-threaded sales successfully in their organization.

Tip 1. Identify decision-makers and key contacts at different levels and build relationships on different channels

By identifying the decision-makers and key contacts at different levels (e.g., C-suite, senior management, mid-management), you can tailor your messaging and approach to better meet their specific needs. Additionally, build on your social selling skills to communicate with your contacts using multiple channels. This increases your chances of reaching them. For example, some people may prefer to communicate through email, while others may be more active on social media. 

What’s the challenge sellers face

Identifying the right individuals at an organizational level comes with its challenges. The traditional organizational charts can be misleading and may not accurately reflect the actual hierarchy within the organization. In addition, finding and building relationships with the right contacts can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you have a large number of potential contacts.

How Aviso can help

Aviso Org Charts provide sellers with a deal-specific view of contacts and their relationships within the organization hierarchy. It also provides insights into engagement levels, sentiment after the last interaction, emails sent/received metrics, scheduled meetings, and more. This information helps sellers to identify supports and influencers and build relationships with the right contacts faster. With the help of Aviso, sellers can customize their pitches to each hierarchical level and get the nod from decision-makers, leading to shorter deal cycles.

Tip 2. Track your buyer conversations and set reminders for multi-threaded outreach 

In order to keep track of all the information exchanged and ensure that follow-up actions are taken, it is important to set reminders to reach out to multiple contacts within the buyer organization and track all your buyer conversations.. 

What’s the challenge sellers face

Keeping track of all your sales conversations can be difficult and time-consuming in multi-threading approach, especially if you have a large number of buyers to manage. It is easy to forget about a specific buyer or to miss a follow-up opportunity without a tracking mechanism, which can lead to unfavorable deal outcomes.

How Aviso can help

Aviso’s platform tracks all your buyer conversations and generates AI-driven nudges to remind you of important follow-up opportunities. This helps prioritize your interactions and ensure that you are following up with each buyer in a timely manner. In addition to this, Aviso delivers a visual picture of the engaged contacts, the interaction frequency with them, and the nature of these interactions. This helps you to understand the engagement patterns of each buyer, which can inform your outreach strategy. 

Tip 3. Use conversation insights to understand what the influential decision-makers value most

For effective multi-threading, you need to understand the values and priorities of the influential decision-makers to meet the specific needs of each one of them. These insights can be gathered by analyzing sales conversations to to help you understand what the stakeholders are looking for in a product or service. 

What’s the challenge sellers face

One of the biggest challenges in generating conversation insights is the sheer volume of data that needs to be processed. Sifting through all of this conversation data manually to identify the key insights can be a tedious task. Additionally, there is a risk of missing important insights if the data is not analyzed carefully.

How Aviso can help

Aviso's AI-powered conversational intelligence can quickly analyze large volumes of data and identify the key insights, so you can focus on delivering an effective multi-threaded solution. This information is then presented to sales reps in a user-friendly dashboard, allowing them to quickly understand what the decision-makers value most and adjust their sales pitch for each of them accordingly.

Tip 4. Close the loop with next best actions in your conversations with all stakeholders

To engage all the buyers involved in the purchasing decision, it is critical to reflect on the outcome of each conversation, determine the next steps, and follow through with it promptly. This helps you close the loop with actionable steps for your next conversation and move towards closing the deal quickly.

What’s the challenge sellers face

With the fast pace of work and the increasing number of tasks and conversations, it can be difficult to take the time to identify the next best actions for each conversation. Additionally, it can be challenging to prioritize the most important next steps and manage them effectively.

How Aviso can help

Aviso’s automated recommendations and next best actions can help you address this challenge effectively. The platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from your interactions with stakeholders and recommend the most effective next steps. This helps sellers save time and prioritize the most important next steps. 


Multi-threaded selling is a vital technique for sales teams to increase their chances of winning deals, reduce the sales cycle time, and improve buyer-seller relationships. CROs and CSOs can equip their sales teams by investing in the right tools and technology, such as Aviso, to support multi-threaded conversations. 

Aviso’s AI-driven sales acceleration platform helps sales teams streamline their multi-threading outreach. Itenables them to manage multiple interactions with customers, track engagement, and follow-up timely allowing them to close deals faster and with greater success.

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