Maximize CRM value with License Cost Takeout and Automation

Aviso’s time-series AI platform enables CFOs and sales operations teams to eliminate 20-30% of CRM cost for non-essential licenses, while automating CRM activity and contact capture and augmenting the CRM experience with account specific golden fields identification.

CRM Cost Takeout

Aviso’s time-series database platform can reduce the burden of non-essential CRM licenses (e.g. Sales Managers, Legal, Procurement etc) while giving non-Sales teams the CRM data they need, without the need for a full CRM license. On average, 30% of a company’s CRM users rarely use it. These licenses can be consolidated using Aviso without losing any data.

CRM Golden Fields

Aviso’s AI platform can identify for any given account the key CRM fields that are most correlated to deal success. Aviso only nudges reps to fill out these “golden fields” on priority so that CRM captures only the most essential information to moving a deal forward, while automating the data exhaust of reps (e.g. emails sent, meetings attended, contacts added) as much as possible.

Activity Auto-Population

Aviso’s AI platform helps automate the capture of activities such as emails and meetings directly into CRM, reducing the administrative burden of sales reps and saving them countless hours. In real time, Aviso extracts data from standard email and calendar systems, maps it to a time-series database, and writes back to CRM, as well as makes the data available to the AI platform to facilitate a better understanding of rep interactions.

Contact Auto-Population

More than 50% of the contacts a sales team is in
touch with are not logged into CRM systems like Salesforce. Aviso automatically logs all contacts into Salesforce, going back several quarters in time from the moment we connect to CRM. This also reduces the administrative burden of sales reps and saves them countless hours. In real time, Aviso extracts contacts from email and calendar systems, writes to CRM, as well as makes the data available to the AI platform.

Full CRM Replication

Aviso’s time-series database fully replicates your CRM instance within Aviso going back 6-8 quarters on average. Aviso is the only industrial grade time series database proven at Fortune 500 scale in the market. We help companies use AI to see changes from minute to minute in CRM and reveal insights not visible to the naked eye because of precise tracking of state changes.

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