B2B Selling

B2B selling is a category of selling wherein a business sells its products or services to other businesses. This is the opposite of B2C selling, where the company is selling to individuals.

The B2B sales process starts with identifying the customer’s needs, finding out what they need and what they want, analyzing their needs and finding the right solution for them, closing the deal, and finally maintaining the relationship with them.

B2B sales include a wide range of activities, including cold calling, sales email cadences, scheduling meetings, planning and running demos, and investigating the concerns and objections of potential customers. Despite having much longer and more complicated sales cycles than B2C sales, they produce larger order values and more incoming revenue.

It takes a strong B2B sales strategy to be successful in the complex process of selling to other businesses. For different customer profiles and selling scenarios, it uses a variety of sales approaches that follow a specific process.

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