Predictive Forecasting

Predictive forecasting uses historical data to spot trends, and patterns and define future outcomes for sales teams. With AI-driven predictive forecasting, you can 'time-travel' into five years worth of historical data and emerge with insights on which deals will close within the expected date, which deals are likely to be pushed out and which deals are trending south. In addition, sales reps and managers can spot 'upside'- deals that are trending to a close faster than expected, and pull them into commits in order to replace shaky deals, keeping your forecast on track. A predictive forecasting tool like Aviso goes beyond simplistic CRM stage views, allowing you to pivot across flexible business views- product lines, opportunities, and categories and analyze your quarter's status in terms of net-new pipe and renewals. You also get the ability to edit your human forecast and compare it to the AI's forecast as well as toggle deals in and out of commits in a click. Predictive forecasting tools save you hours of time and effort spent in spreadsheets while consistently delivering 98% forecast accuracy.

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