Real-time Coaching

Real-time coaching uses conversational AI to empower sales reps with specific insights and next-best actions based on real-time recognition of customer needs and emotions. With real-time coaching, sales users can improve customer interactions significantly by spending less time searching and more time handling objections and selling your product or service.

This ensures you have what you need live on the call or demo, not after.

Real-time coaching empowers reps to say the right thing on every call and handle any objections thrown their way confidently. Reps can also respond to questions related to competitors and elevate the discussion toward closure without breaking a sweat. For example, when a prospect mentions a specific competitor, real-time coaching can help sales reps with a relevant battle card to tackle that situation.

Similarly, checklists in the form of pop-ups are generated during the call to ensure the right message is sent out to the customers.

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