Sales Call Transcription

Sales call transcription is the process of converting audio or video sales calls into text (known as speech-to-text transcription).

Virtual meetings are becoming more and more common. This leads to sales users ending with a large number of recordings at their disposal. And sifting through these recordings to get the important information can be a time-consuming affair.

This is where call transcription tools are helpful.

Call transcriptions provide sales reps with a scannable record of every conversation they have with their clients.

Transcription tools can accurately capture the sales conversations as they happen, track key moments as well as generate call summaries. For example, sales reps can easily identify the questions buyers asked around key focus areas, the competitors named, and objections raised. This ensures that sales users stay focused on the customer, not on taking notes.

AI-based transcription tools can also analyze large volumes of information to provide meaningful sales call insights into customer preferences, sales team performance, etc.

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