Beyond the Hype:

Leveraging Conversation Intelligence and Generative AI to Unlock Revenue Growth

  • Duration - 30mins

Michael Killeen

Sr. Director Revenue Ops, ContractPodAI

Ravi Suryanarayan

SVP Customer Success, Aviso

About the webinar

Everyone wants to deliver a better customer experience, but doing it at scale remains a challenge. As per a Forrester Consulting study, 80% CXOs believe that Conversational Intelligence (CI) platforms can help. Yet, most RevOps teams face budget restraints or are averse to adding bolt-on tools to their already complex tech stack.

On the contrary, Revenue leaders can still get high ROI from CI tools by choosing the right one to integrate end-to-end within the sales cycle and help drive the bigger revenue picture.

In this webinar, Michael Killeen, Sr Director of RevOps at ContractPodAi, shares their story of replacing Gong, a legacy CI tool, with Aviso’s integrated Conversational Intelligence (CI) and boosting revenue growth. He also shares the best practices for maximizing ROI on the CI platform to tackle economic headwinds. The session also features Aviso AI's Ravi Suryanarayan, SVP of Customer Success, who explains how Generative AI can elevate the ROI on CI to the next level with its ability to leverage conversational data to optimize revenue operations.

Key Takeaways:

A cheat sheet to unlock advanced CI insights

Go beyond basic transcripts, talk ratios, and keyword-based topics and leverage advanced CI insights like identifying buyer emotions, tracking sentiment changes over time, and predicting buyer behavior.

Best practices to integrate CI into your sales & revenue operations

Learn how ContractPodAi, a high-growth SaaS startup, replaced Gong and implemented Aviso’s CI into their revenue operations to close more deals and maximize revenue.

A sneak peek of MIKI, the world's first Generative AI Chief of Staff

Get a glimpse of how Generative AI drives value in B2B sales by answering your revenue queries on the fly, automating operational tasks, and generating compelling content across the deal cycle.

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