FRI FEB 03 2023

Aviso AI Product Updates - January 2023

by Bithika Bishesh

At Aviso, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve sales success. This January, we're proud to announce a series of new product updates that will enhance your experience and drive better results. Our updates include new features under activity and people intelligence and conversational intelligence, such as the all-new Leaderboard 2.0, real-time Speaker Labeling, the insightful Sentiment Graph, buyer seller segregation and the powerful Engaging Questions feature. 

Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, this update has something for everyone and is sure to help you take your sales game to the next level.

Product Release Highlights

Leaderboard 2.0 with Performance Metrics

What is it?

Aviso's Leaderboard has undergone a significant upgrade with the release of its second version. With the new and enhanced version of the Leaderboard, users can now access all metrics in one place, grouped into seven different sections: deal risks, deal amount, forecast accuracy, deal progression, CRM hygiene, email activity, and meetings.

Each of these sections has multiple sub-metrics that provide a more detailed view of the performance of sales reps. For example, in the deal risk section, there are sub-metrics such as deal downgrades, deal pushouts, and deal movement, which will help sales managers understand where their reps need to improve. Additionally, the leaderboard now also has next steps, which will connect the leaderboard to actionable views, making it more useful for sales users. For instance, the user can take actions like assess deals in detail, review recently recorded meetings, connect with reps/managers for coaching.

Why is it important?

This new and improved version of the Leaderboard is extremely important for sales users as it provides visibility into the performance of individual sales reps across a variety of metrics and identifies areas for improvement. By having all metrics in one place, users can easily compare their performance across different areas and identify areas where they need to focus their efforts. Additionally, the sorting functionality simplifies the task of analyzing performance and finding growth opportunities. It allows users to quickly target specific areas and compare their results to their peers to set achievable goals.

How does it help?

Aviso’s Leaderboard helps sales managers identify where their reps need to improve, and it also helps reps understand where they stand in relation to their peers. For example, if a sales rep is not performing well in a particular metric, they can easily sort the data and identify which deals are causing the problem. From there, they can take specific actions such as visiting the coaching room for one-on-one coaching or reviewing recent meeting recordings. Sales managers can use this feature to provide coaching and support to underperforming reps.

Aviso’s Leaderboard 2.0

Sentiment Graph for CI Insights

What is it?

Aviso has introduced a new feature called the Sentiment Graph which can be accessed directly from the deal grid in the insight category. Sales reps can view the sentiment score of their last four recent meetings. The sentiment score spans between minus one to plus one, with each score being represented by a different color scheme, making it easy to understand at a glance. By clicking on any of the color-coded bubbles, users can see the sentiment score from that call as well as the insights for what that means. They can also see an average sentiment score, which provides a quick and easy way to understand the overall sentiment of their meetings. The Sentiment Graph also provides sales reps with other conversational intelligence insights, such as objections-related and sentiment-related insights, as well as the talk ratio, which can be used to help improve their sales process and close more deals.

Why is it important?

The Sentiment Graph is an important feature for sales users to gauge a comprehensive idea of the overall sentiment of their recent meetings. They can also recognize potential objections that need to be addressed in order to close a deal. With a better understanding of the sentiment of a meeting, sales users will be able to make informed decisions and enhance customer engagement.

How does it help?

Aviso’s Sentiment Graph provides sales reps with valuable insights into how their interactions with clients are being received and identifies areas for improvement. For example, this feature can give recommendations to users for scheduling meetings with key stakeholders if there is no activity or meetings identified. It also helps sales users to identify patterns in customer interactions, such as common objections or areas of interest, which can be used to improve the sales pitch and close more deals in the future.

To sum it up, with Avisos’ Sentiment Graph and its associated insights, sales reps can improve their communication and approach, increase their win rate, and ultimately close more deals.

Aviso’s Sentiment Graph

Real-Time Speaker Labeling in Sales Conversations

What is it?

Aviso’s real-time coaching empowers reps to say the right thing on every call and handle any objections confidently. Aviso’s NLP models provide checklists and recommended responses based on real-time event capture. We have now added the feature of real-time speaker labeling in sales conversations. 

Aviso's conversational intelligence capability to accurately label the speaker in a conversation in real time, provides clarity and context to sales representatives during calls. The aim of this feature is to provide a seamless, organized, and informed experience to sales users during their sales calls.

Why is it important?

Being able to identify the speaker in real-time is particularly useful in situations where multiple people are involved in a call, and the salesperson needs to ensure that they are addressing the right person. With real-time speaker labeling, sales reps can focus on the conversation and not worry about missing important details. The ability to identify the speaker in real time is crucial for sales representatives to understand the dynamics of a conversation, keep up with the pace of the conversation, and respond effectively to the right person.

How does it help?

Aviso’s real-time speaker labeling helps sales reps keep track of who is talking or who is leading the conversation and understand the context of their statements, leading to more effective engagement and better opportunities to close deals. Additionally, it can help sales reps to identify the key decision-makers and stakeholders in a conversation, allowing them to tailor their pitch and build stronger relationships. It also saves time in post-call analysis, as reps can quickly identify which speaker said what.

Engaging Questions for Guiding Sales Conversations

What is it?

Aviso's ‘Engaging Questions’ is a new feature that provides insight into sales conversations between a seller and a buyer. This feature identifies questions that are engaging, meaning questions that elicit a response from the prospect lasting at least 30 seconds and are directly related to the sales cycle.

Aviso’s AI uses conversation SmartTranscripts to determine engaging questions. This is helpful for real-time coaching, collaboration workspace tracking, and SmartTranscript insights. Indicators of engaging questions from transcripts include a buyer response lasting more than 30 seconds. In addition to this, buyer responses that express appreciation for the question, and buyer's request for confirmation of their response are also considered. 

The real-time coaching widget showcases a list of engaging questions, showing if goals have been met. The collaboration workspace metrics now feature a new insight to track the sales team's number of engaging questions asked. The SmartTranscript page offers a deep dive into the topics covered by the engaging questions, including a compilation of questions asked by both buyers and sellers, taken from the transcript.

Why is it important?

Asking engaging questions during a sales call can provide valuable information about the buyer, expose their needs and pain points, and increase the likelihood of advancing to the next stage of the sales cycle. Engaging Questions helps sales reps understand which questions are most effective in eliciting a response and can be used to improve their overall sales performance.

How does it help?

Aviso's Engaging Questions provides several benefits for sales users, including pre-call preparation, real-time coaching, post-call analysis, and team collaboration. The pre-call preparation includes a list of the most successful and frequently asked engaging questions. During the call, the sales rep can use the pre-selected list and receive real-time suggestions. After the call, the sales rep can analyze the questions and flag helpful ones for the team to use in future calls.

This conversational intelligence capability helps sales reps to maximize their call performance, increase their understanding of customers, and boost team efficiency.

Aviso’s Engaging Questions Insights from SmartTranscripts

Chart View in Deal Grid

What is it?

Aviso's new Chart View feature is now available in the deal grid section. This feature allows sales users to group their deals according to different parameters such as owner, category, stage, type, and account. By selecting any deal and clicking on the drop-down, users can see the deal data displayed in the drop-down.

Why is it important?

Chart view is important for sales users because it provides a summary of deals by account. This allows sales users to easily see the number of deals and the value of each account. 

How does it help?

Aviso's ability to have a chart view in the deal grid helps sales users by providing a visual representation of their deals. This makes it easier to understand and analyze data, as well as identify trends and patterns. Additionally, the ability to group deals by different parameters provides sales users with a more comprehensive view of their sales pipeline, enabling them to make informed decisions and prioritize their efforts more effectively.

Aviso’s Chart View in Deal Grid

Conversation Insights Segregation by Buyer & Seller

What is it?

As part of its conversational intelligence capabilities, Aviso has introduced a new feature that separates buyers and sellers in the call transcript. Previously, the sentiment score calculated in our call transcript was based on the sentiment of all participants, including both buyers and sellers. With the new buyer and seller segregation feature, we now bifurcate the buyers and sellers, and only show the sentiment score for the buyers. 

In addition, this feature gives sales users the flexibility to update and change the categorization of the participants as they see fit. For example, if a participant was initially marked as a seller, but the sales user believes they should be a buyer, they can easily make that change within the collaboration workspace.

Why is it important?

By separating the sentiment score of buyers from that of sellers, sales users can have a clearer understanding of the attitudes and emotions of their potential customers. This allows sales users to make more informed decisions, adjust their approach, and ultimately improve the outcome of the sales call.

How does it help?

Aviso’s buyer and seller segregation feature ensures that the right buyer and seller categories are identified, resulting in more accurate conversational intelligence metrics and recommendations for buyers and sellers. In addition, with accurate seller identification, managers can have a clear understanding of their sales reps' performance during sales calls. They can observe how the sales rep interacts with buyers, identify areas of improvement, and provide targeted coaching to help the sales rep improve their skills.

Aviso’s CI Insights Segregation by Buyer & Seller

With these new features, Aviso is poised to take the sales world by storm and empower Aviso users to drive more meaningful interactions with their customers. We can't wait for you to try out all of these exciting new capabilities and see the positive impact they have on your sales results.

If you aren’t a customer yet, talk with our team now to see a demo of Aviso.