TUE OCT 04 2022

Key Highlights From Dreamforce 2022

by Bithika Bishesh

With unprecedented geopolitical, supply chain, and market volatility, 2022 was a historic year for many organizations. Dreamforce 2022 witnessed many innovative minds in the sales and revenue industry talk about using technology to solve these business challenges. 

Aviso at Dreamforce 22

Aviso held an exclusive event at Dreamforce for industry leaders to relax and network with their peers in The Palace Hotel, San Francisco.

Here are some of the key priorities business and revenue leaders discussed with the Aviso team at the event.

Following the pandemic, many businesses experienced an increase in silos as employees digitally dispersed into more exclusive and well-defined communication networks. For large enterprises to succeed at true digital transformation, business and technology teams need to break down silos and work collaboratively to define value and drive outcomes. 

Sales productivity is also critical for all organizations during this period of uncertainty. Revenue leaders need to empower their reps to stay motivated and productive to help their organization perform and remain competitive.

Additionally, companies that don’t have an appropriate risk framework in place should create one now. Organizations must improve their forecast accuracy with proper sales pipeline management using AI-powered tools. This is critical because revenue growth is directly impacted by the frequency, approach, and quality of your pipeline management. 

The Aviso team showed how business and technology leaders can use AI to grow efficiently in the current economic environment. In our discussions with them, we showcased several additions to our integrated single pane of glass for Revenue Operations. Here are a few examples.

  • Aviso provides virtual collaboration rooms — Digital WarRooms — for actions that can go beyond Slack, Zoom, and Chatter-like tools and provide an integrated, secure workspace built for sales teams. Aviso also offers various tools for customer success teams to build new bridges with customers while breaking silos of internal teams to provide winning customer experiences.
  • Aviso's role-based workflows provide relevant and actionable insights through AI-powered nudges to improve sales reps’ productivity. With Aviso nudges, insights are curated and delivered directly to sales team members to update them about the state of deals and actions they can take to drive the deal forward.
  • Aviso’s sales pipeline management helps sales operations and leadership teams to assess pipeline quality and health. They also get advanced insights to plan and build a new pipeline for current as well as future quarters. 

As the industry leader in AI-based revenue operations solutions, Aviso AI offers a comprehensive set of intelligent tools and solutions for sales, marketing, and customer success teams that uncover each customer's hidden revenue opportunity.

Dreamforce 2022 A Family Reunion

This was the return of Dreamforce to the streets of San Francisco, live and in person, just in time for its 20th anniversary. With a reported 150,000 attendees, out of which 40,000 attended in person, this was also the first time many of the company’s employees attended.

The sold-out event marked a symbol of pandemic recovery, with Dreamforce donating $25 million, out of the revenue generated, to the public schools.

This year Dreamforce kicked off with the keynote speech by Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, and Bret Taylor, COO of Salesforce. 

Here is a rundown of the key announcements from the Dreamforce 2022 main keynote session.

A New Day For The Environment

Salesforce’s net zero strategy includes using a strong voice and technology for making changes and mobilizing others to accelerate the net-zero goal. Salesforce made some important announcements that can help other businesses towards sustainability.

To help organizations accelerate their own journeys to net zero emissions, Salesforce announced Net Zero Cloud — a solution that tracks greenhouse gas emissions. It will enable enterprises to gain sustainability information using Tableau CRM dashboards, allowing them to meet their climate objectives. 

Salesforce also announced Net Zero Marketplace to link consumers and ecopreneurs by providing a portfolio of projects and a seamless e-commerce experience for making purchases. 

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A New Day For Work

Salesforce customers used Slack as a digital headquarter to help bring people together to collaborate in a flexible, more inclusive, and more connected way. To navigate the new future of work, Salesforce announced two new enhancements to Slack.

Slack Canvas: Slack canvas, a persistent layer of information, will help teams curate, organize and share mission-critical resources. When paired with the new Slack platform and Salesforce customer 360, canvases can supplement real-time collaboration. The features are similar to Quip, as it was natively integrated into Slack. 

Slack canvas will be available next year.

Slack Canvas

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Huddles Coworking: With new Huddles functionalities, users will be able to make video calls to each other directly inside Slack, have two people simultaneously screen-sharing, and access a persistent message thread on the right-hand side of the huddle screen that lets users share files and links during a huddle meeting.

These features will be available to the users in the coming weeks.

Huddles Coworking

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In addition, there are 15 new Slack and customer 360 integrations — close deals faster with the Sales Cloud integration and resolve incidents faster with the Service Cloud integration.

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With hybrid working here to stay for the foreseeable future, organizations need a digital hub for connecting teams, tools, customers, and partners on a digital platform. 

See how Aviso’s Digital WarRooms meets the needs of the modern digital and remote revenue teams with secure, easy-to-use, and purpose-built rooms to help keep revenue teams in one place.

A New Day For Customer 360

Salesforce has launched incredible new technologies to keep customer success as their north star.

Hyperforce and the External Encryption Ecosystem: Hyperforce, Salesforce’s trusted cloud platform, will have data residency in 17 countries by the end of next year.

The new external encryption ecosystem is in the same line for the expansion of Hyperforce in new regions. It will provide customers with full control over data.

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Salesforce Genie: Salesforce Genie will make it possible to unify all your data and build a real-time view of all your customers. With Genie, Salesforce has added a foundational new capability to its customer 360 platform — a real-time hyperscale data platform natively built into the platform. And because it's real-time, you can stream events in real-time, Einstein can personalize in milliseconds, Flow Automation can respond to real-time events and automate all your real-time workflows for your employees, customers, and partners. 

Salesforce Genie

WhatsApp Partnership: Software giant Salesforce is partnering with Meta's WhatsApp to streamline clients' communication with customers. Salesforce will offer WhatsApp-first business messaging to customers as a new way to sell, market, and support right from a conversation to increase customer engagement, accelerate sales, and drive better customer support outcomes.

Having a comprehensive, 360-degree view of your customers supports better customer experience for more personalized marketing experiences – driving higher conversion rates and higher revenues. 

See how Aviso can generate a 360-degree view of customer information enabled by real-time CRM information updates to identify the hidden revenue opportunity from each customer.


The Dreamforce 2022 conference this year featured some significant breakthroughs and announcements from Salesforce. They have outlined a clear path for themselves and all the trailblazers that will have an impact on all related businesses over the next few years.

While Salesforce has surpassed SAP as the world's top enterprise apps provider, it will need to address some major issues that will have far-reaching consequences for the company and its hundreds of thousands of clients. Take Salesforce Genie, for example. Salesforce Genie is a real-time data integration platform to unify data from multiple data sources. While Genie promises a more "frictionless" way of integrating and accessing data for businesses that already use multiple Salesforce products, it may be less effective for those who have customer data in all sorts of business apps and repositories.

It’s time for Salesforce to be more transparent with its industry roadmap, given the significant role those solutions have played and will continue to play in customers’ transformations to digital businesses.

Watch the full session here!