Multilingual Capabilities

Multilingual capabilities leverage conversational intelligence to process client conversations in non-English languages and provide transcription and call translation.

A conversational intelligence (CI) solution with multilingual capabilities can process client conversation transcripts and provide call translation in multiple non-English languages and give an added edge of sentiment analysis and emotional tracking. This takes the selling experience for customers as well as sales teams to a whole new level.

Every firm that aspires to be a global enterprise thinks about making customers comfortable and at ease in making business decisions with their organization. Even though many people can understand English, you'd still prefer to offer multilingual conversation support to your customers to enhance customer experience and improve satisfaction.

Multilingual CI capabilities can help sales teams gain meaningful insights about their prospects and customers, thereby, helping in closing more deals and providing quality customer support.

Both buyers and sellers gain from multilingual support in a sales and revenue technology platform. It can boost sales and strengthen brand loyalty while engaging and delighting non-native English buyers and enhancing customer experience.

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