Guided Selling

The average sales rep faces hundreds of decisions to make in a single week. These decisions involve going after the right deals, executing demos, discovery calls, preparing slides and presentations, as well as updating CRM. Another crucial aspect of a seller’s weekly motion is calling deals into commits and predicting the best-case and realistic outcomes for deals. With so many decisions to make, accuracy slips through the cracks and sellers end up making the wrong decisions which impacts their numbers and their manager’s forecast. Guided Selling using AI can help you resolve this problem by capturing and analyzing revenue data so sales reps are freed up to do what they do best- leaving the data-crunching to well-trained Machine Learning models. Aviso is one such Guided Selling Platform that acts as a GPS for revenue teams, helping reps, managers and CROs execute their job functions better and collaborate on a single platform rather than 15 point solutions.

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